Warehouse Management

Our prof.ITplus Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a powerful and flexible solution tailored to your business needs. It has been designed to increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations by capturing product barcode data through rugged mobile computers.

WMS can offer you huge savings right from implementation by giving you a better service with our simple to use scanners offering you clear visibility on your stock, making warehouse management more accurate.

  • Service

Scanning increases productivity, improves inventory accuracy and reduces picking and despatch errors, whether you move a high volume of small items, a low volume of large items or something in between. WMS can improve your customer experience and service.

  • Simplicity

prof.ITplus WMS is easy to use and our scanners offer universal multi-user access which offers flexibility, making our handsets perfect for inexperienced workers as well as long serving employees. Our handheld scanning devices can be used for faster stocktaking and previously time consuming inventory checks can be completed in a fraction of the time, increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.

  • Visibility

Managing your stock more effectively with WMS reduces your expense of stock taking and makes your warehouse leaner and more efficient. Your warehouse management is made more effect with prof.ITplus WMS’s enhanced reporting functionality offering vital statistics and performance events giving you clear visibility and highlighting what’s working well.

The WMS module also allows you to automate the management of your stock in remote locations such as at a customer’s site. Your customers will have continuous access to the products they require, without suffering the inconvenience of sell-outs or the incorrect order quantities being delivered. You can also integrate your existing carrier software into your despatch process and further increase efficiency.

  • Accuracy

WMS allows captured data to be transmitted back to the central prof.ITplus system via a docking station or a wireless network for real-time updates offering more accurate data, so there is no need for downtime allowing you to reap the benefits of constant uptime. Sales orders can be generated automatically for the stock that has been used and scheduled invoices can be created for post, fax or email to your customers.

Data from our scanners is captured and exchanged via mobile devices that operate as an extension of prof.ITplus, enabling users to complete stock management tasks more effectively to facilitate better decision making.


  • Live, real-time updates of your stock position
  • Automatic capture and download of data to the system
  • Manual verification available prior to system update


  • Optimise efficiency through the automation of manual work
  • Fast, efficient and accurate means of recording data
  • Improve customer service by reducing shipping errors


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