Some businesses, in particular those with multiple sites, are demanding solutions that enable them to enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure, but want to retain a certain level of direct control over their own resources. Whilst there are a range of hosted services that they can buy on a pay-per-user basis, some organisations don’t want to share their resources. Options include; private resources in a shared environment (cInfrastructure) or a totally private cloud solution (cPrivateCloud).

cInfrastructure is OGL’s own Infrastructure-as-a-Service model which enables businesses to rent IT resources within our tier IV-aligned UK data centre which uses the latest HP blade and 3PAR technology. OGL’s team of cloud consultants work with IT managers to design the best solution to meet the needs of the business; whether that’s hosting everything in the cloud and thereby handling networking, storage, server hardware, operating systems and virtualisation infrastructure in the data centre, or choosing to create a hybrid solution whereby some services are in the cloud and they retain some elements on-premise.

OGL can offer cInfrastructure as a fully managed service and our team of highly qualified technicians will monitor and manage your resources on your behalf, or we can provide your IT manager with a vCloudDirector management interface so you control your own virtual organisation and how you allocate your IT resources.


  • Fully managed service with option for own management interface
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime of hosted services in OGL’s data centre
  • Enterprise level redundancy using virtualised infrastructure
  • Tier IV-aligned UK Data Centre
  • Centralised infrastructure


  • Optimises your internal IT resources providing cost and time savings
  • Data centre infrastructure is monitored 24/7 guaranteeing a high level of service
  • Improved data access for all staff regardless of location
  • Highest level of data security in a reliable and robust environment
  • Bespoke solution to match the needs of your business