Data Centre

OGL’s tier IV-aligned data centre is located in close proximity to our Worcestershire offices.

The data floors are fitted out with the latest cooling, fire prevention and power distribution equipment which are described below. The five data floors span two buildings on campus, with the North designed to deliver a fault tolerant N+N environment and power services balanced with energy efficiency measures.

Security at our Data Centre is a high priority and has extensive CCTV coverage; all of which is monitored by on-premise security staff, digitally recorded and retained for up to 90 days. A team of 24/7 security personnel are on patrol at all times. Building entry is only granted when advance notice of a visit has been confirmed through a formal process. An anti-tailgating mantrap security door, operated via a proximity access control system, is used to ensure only authorised individuals have access in and out of the facility.

Heat is an enemy to reliable data storage. It is essential that the data floors are kept at the optimum temperature to ensure integrity of data and to avoid problems. Temperature and humidity sensors are used to monitor the data floors to alert us to any problems before they can affect your data. As a tier IV-aligned facility ‘dry coolers’ with ambi-cool technology are used. This uses external air to provide cooling, thus reducing environmental impact. Server racks are enclosed in ‘pods’ to focus cooling into the racks where it is needed without needing to cool all the air on the data floor.

Our Data Centre utilises building-wide, multi-zonal fire detection systems with both ionisation and optical detectors in suites, roof cavities and sub-floors. VESDA aspirating smoke detectors, which detect fires before they flare, allow the best possible opportunity to detect and control the spread of fire before it can take hold. In the unlikely event that a fire should get past all of our detection systems and flare, it will be suppressed using FM-200 Heptafluoropropane agent, ensuring any risk to your data is negligible.

The campus is connected directly to the national grid via two 11kV connections, each fed from separate sub-stations. The north Data Centre uses two independent critical power distribution systems per data floor. The south Data Centre utilises a single supply and combines this with two independent backup generator sources. Each system is backed up through battery UPS and generators and enough fuel is stored onsite for one week’s performance with priority fuel replenishment pre-arranged.

The Data Centre Management Team takes environmental responsibilities seriously and is committed to making decisions that minimise the impact on the environment. The very latest energy saving equipment and technology are deployed to reduce the environmental impact of critical systems. Our data centre uses just 60kw of power and this is reducing all the time.

The Data Centre is ‘tier IV-aligned’; the highest recognised Data Centre standard in the industry and offers N+N (aka 2N) redundancy and is used for customers with mission-critical requirements.

In summary, the Data Centre provides

  • Two unparalleled co-location Data Centres with Tier IV-aligned resilience
  • N+N redundant power
  • Back-up batteries, power generators with emergency re-fuelling amenities
  • Fire threat detection and suppression
  • Contemporary efficient cooling technology
  • Onsite 24x7x365 monitoring and physical security with state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance systems
  • 99.9% service level agreement (SLA)
  • Multiple carriers and Tier 1 ISPs
  • ISO27001 security standards
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and technical support on MPLS network


OGL has a private pod with all infrastructure owned by OGL Computer within the Data Centre. This houses our state-of-the-art Hewlett Packard Blade Server infrastructure powered by AMD processors and HP 3PAR tiered storage arrays. Which provides our customers with a flexible elastic cloud service or co-located facility – providing Private Cloud or Public Cloud offerings coupled with disaster recovery, and c365 enabling your staff to work anywhere, anytime without the upfront capital costs.