Lightning fast disaster recovery…

OGL has several solutions for backup and disaster recovery to meet your business needs and budget.

cRecovery – best suited to businesses which need assurance that, in the event of a disaster, key workers can access all mission-critical data, operating systems, IT applications and their settings, plus email as normal from any internet connection within a maximum period of 24 hours. A managed service which automatically protects all of your mission-critical data, IT applications and operating systems, by replicating it every night to our maximum security offsite storage location.

cVirtualRecovery – created to take advantage of recovery speed for businesses that run virtual servers using VMware or Hyper-V solutions. If you already have a virtualised environment and you either already, or wish to consider, backing up your environment using the Veeam backup solution locally then cVirtualRecovery extends the benefits of Veeam to the cloud.

cVirtualReplication – best suited to businesses that rely on real-time availability of your data and cannot afford to lose any data or have your systems down for even a few minutes. A disaster recovery service that takes advantage of VMware hypervisor. A fully managed service offering an RPO of just seconds.

cDesktop – OGL’s own ‘Desktop-as-a-Service’ or ‘VDI solution’ best suited to businesses that need to ensure your staff can work from anywhere, at any time but retain the same high levels of security for your data as if they are working in the office. cDesktop enables you to deliver all your users’ desktops from dedicated central virtual servers which are hosted in our tier IV-aligned UK data centres. It offers 99.9% uptime and enterprise level redundancy.

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There are three critical questions that every business should answer when thinking about data backup and disaster recovery;

1. How quickly do I need to be able to restore my data to minimise the impact on my business?

2. How much data can I afford to lose and what is its value to my business?

3. Am I prepared for a major system failure or disaster?

These three questions will be critical to forming a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, which can be aligned to your business’ internal SLAs.

Jargon buster…

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The Recovery Point Objective is defined by the tolerable amount of data a business can lose in the event of a server failure.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

The Recovery Time Objective is the defined time that a business can be down without access to critical systems in the event of a server failure of disaster.

Further questions…

There are a number of other questions when considering backup and recovery solutions;

  • How much data do you have?
  • How many generations of this data do you need to store?
  • Are you governed by compliance or regulatory policies?
  • What speed is your connection to the internet?
  • Do you want OGL to manage and monitor the backups?


The costs of disaster recovery solutions vary greatly depending on the solution. In addition to calculating the business costs of RTO and RPO, the cost of equipment and services must be factored in.

What’s next?

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