On-Premise IT Solutions

Our team of consultants will work closely with you to understand the needs of your business and design an IT solution that delivers the best results. They will consider all aspects of your IT network requirements including;

Local Area Network – for your internal systems and applications

Wide Area Network – for those external networks such as the Internet, VPNs and remote working

Wireless Networks – to enable more flexible working and reduce the need for cabling

We also carry out a complete assessment of your current IT infrastructure before any recommendations are made, this is critical in making sure that OGL provide you with the perfect IT solution.

We always look to get the most out of existing infrastructure and don’t just install the latest software, where there may not be any business benefit. Once strengths and weaknesses have been identified in the current IT configuration, OGL get to work in planning, managing and implementing an IT solution which not only streamlines and optimises processes but offers expansion within your organisation for long term growth.

Mobile working, IT security, server migration and offsite data storage are just a few topics in which OGL have unsurpassed expertise.

Strategic Reviews

The world of technology moves at a rapid pace, continually releasing new innovations to help businesses become more efficient. OGL is always at the forefront of any new development and encourage regular reviews of your IT solution so that your organisation remains competitive and protected. Strategic reviews are important for identifying security risks because as technology advances so the threat from viruses, hackers and malicious websites also increases.

Strategic reviews have four main business benefits:

  • Helps you remain competitive by utilising the latest technologies
  • As your business grows and changes, so your IT solution needs to adapt with you
  • Reviews highlight any deficiencies before they develop into problems
  • Limits security risks