Remote Working

OGL can provide Thin Client solutions which will enable you to connect to branch offices and remote workers at an affordable cost.

Despite a rapid growth in available bandwidth, today’s networks such as the internet are still relatively slow when compared to network speeds on a corporate LAN.

Typically, running bandwidth intensive software, such as your core business applications from a remote site, can prove either slow or unusable due to connectivity back to Head Office. Also you run the risk of corrupting data should the links fail.

OGL offer server-based Thin Client solutions which will allow multiple, simultaneous remote users to connect to your Head Office by a proven, reliable, efficient and cost effective method. Processing is carried out on the server thereby keeping bandwidth traffic to a minimum.

Dependent upon your requirement we can implement either Citrix or Microsoft Windows Terminal Services.

Key benefits:

  • Ability to quickly deploy new applications on the Thin Client server
  • Total security control over remote users regarding application software and data access
  • Quick and simple installation of software patches and updates
  • Load balancing across multiple servers, thereby maximising performance
  • Utilisation of lower specification PC’s/laptops (due to processing on the server)
  • Option of running diskless Thin Client Terminals, increasing security and reducing support costs
  • No requirement to have a dedicated PC at Head Office (required with other remote solutions such as PC Anywhere)
  • Local printing of data stored on the Head Office server.


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