As a VMware Professional Support and Professional Solutions provider, OGL can deliver cutting-edge virtualisation technology for businesses seeking a flexible, resilient and stable network infrastructure.

Virtualisation enables the consolidation of physical servers to not only reduce the ongoing costs associated with hardware support, but also a reduction in carbon footprint minimising the impact on the environment.

OGL’s VMware solution also provides a centralised management system enabling internal IT teams to manage their entire server farm from a single console thereby improving efficiency, performance and productivity.

Through virtualisation, people, processes and technology work together more efficiently to meet increased service levels. Since capacity can be allocated dynamically, chronic over-provisioning is eliminated and your entire IT infrastructure is simplified. Virtualisation helps your organisation transform its IT environment to an adaptive infrastructure that enables automated 24×7 lights-out computing.

Creating a unified IT environment through virtualisation is a vital step toward enabling an adaptive infrastructure. Your IT organisation can gain the flexibility to quickly adapt to the changing demands of your business via virtualisation.

Reducing costs – Since servers, storage, networking and other resources are pooled, resources can be allocated as required. This helps your IT organisation achieve greater asset utilisation, improve IT staff productivity and reduce operational costs.

Increasing business agility – By making your infrastructure more flexible, your IT organisation can more easily allocate IT resources to meet new service demands. Adding capacity to meet new or expanding computing requirements can be completed in a matter of minutes or hours.

Improving the quality of IT delivery – The ability to quickly analyse your resource needs and dynamically allocate resources helps your IT organisation meet or exceed service level agreements.

Resilience built in – Using multiple virtual servers provides your business with a robust network infrastructure which caters for any hardware failure; switching from one to another with zero disruption to users.

Benefits of virtualisation:

  • Server consolidation
  • High availability
  • Better use of server hardware
  • Streamline updates and testing
  • Secure and manage virtual desktops
  • Re-host Legacy applications


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