Proactive IT Administration

“The volume and frequency of server management tasks, error alerts and installations are increasing expense, resource, allocation and complexity in the infrastructure, costing organisations nearly $157 billion in 2012.” – Source: HP Factsheet

Management teams in businesses of all sizes are faced with mounting demands on their time to keep up with regular maintenance of their IT systems as they become more and more complex. And the continued growth in technology is only set to place further demands on resources as managers strive to use new technology to minimise costs and improve efficiency.

Our ProactiveITAdministration service can take away all the hassle and ensure that your IT systems are running smoothly and efficiently. We not only monitor and review all your systems, licences and renewal dates, but we will also perform regular health checks on your servers and other hardware to reduce the potential for breakdown.


  • Highly qualified engineers help develop and deliver a robust IT strategy
  • Proactive checks to ensure that your backup is successful
  • Ensures that your software applications are legally licensed
  • Ensures the security of sensitive data and passwords are in accordance with corporate guidelines
  • Proactively monitor and review systems, licences and renewal dates


  • Regular health checks on your hardware to improve efficiency
  • Provides cost and time savings as OGL manages day-to-day tasks
  • Reduces security threats as updates are regularly undertaken
  • Maximises IT uptime through proactive monitoring
  • Successful data backups ensure business continuity in the event of a failure