Data Storage

The amount of data we generate has grown dramatically over the last few years. In fact more data was created between 2013 and 2015 than in the entire previous history of the human race!

So we have all of this data, now what do we do with it in order to store it effectively and, more importantly than ever, securely?

Need more information but worried that it might all be a bit too technical? Fear not, OGL’s Technical Director, Paul Colwell, explains the storage options available to your business in simple terms. READ PAUL’S BLOG HERE

Find out everything you always wanted to know about data storage and more by watching this short video…CLICK HERE TO VIEW

OGL’s cFileCentral solution is a cloud-based file storage system, designed to allow you to store the files that you would typically have on a local server at a data centre location that can be accessed from anywhere. This data is backed up to an alternate data centre on a daily basis for additional protection. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

The cSafeStore solution is based on two NAS (Network Attached Storage) units; one installed on your network and the other installed at our data centre. Your unit runs a secure copy task on a daily basis to the data centre unit, which is monitored and maintained by our Hosted Services team.   CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

We have several cloud-based disaster recovery options to suit businesses that have defined recovery objectives or are looking to take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based backups.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

OGL partners with the following companies to offer near unrivalled cloud-based services:

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