Advanced Threat Protection

Protect, detect and

kill threats

  • Advanced security measures to help protect your network
  • Real-time monitoring and expert advice
  • Perfect for businesses needing advanced protection

Our advanced-level threat protection service combines three security measures to help protect, detect and kill threats to your network.

Managed Firewall

Monitoring and maintenance of your firewall with log collection and analysis to help identify any potential security breaches.

Next-Generation Anti-Virus: Endpoint Protection

Deep-level inspection of files to identify threats based on user behaviour. This allows detection of system compromises which are often designed to evade traditional anti-virus solutions.

Advanced Threat Analytics

Real-time monitoring of servers and applications for suspicious user or domain behaviour which typically occurs when an attacker is attempting to move between machines within your network.

Traditional IT security provides little protection...

The vast majority of attacks compromise user credentials and they are increasingly using legitimate tools rather than malware. Traditional IT security tools provide limited protection against sophisticated cyber-attacks that use stolen credentials.

Our Advanced Threat Protection service includes the use of Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics, which provides a simple and fast way to understand what is happening within your network by identifying suspicious users and device activity, providing clear and relevant threat information.

It provides protection for your business by analysing and identifying malicious attacks, abnormal behaviour and known security issues and risks.

Behavioural analytics use machine learning to uncover questionable behaviour. User accounts logging in on different machines, or at unusual times, may be indicators of compromise. User accounts trying to escalate privileges, access information or servers that they do not normally visit, is an early warning sign that you have been breached. 

Advanced Threat Analytics also detects known malicious attacks as they occur. It will instantly identify known malicious attacks such as pass-the-hash, early reconnaissance, brute force etc and create an alert for further investigation.

Fully Managed Service

Operating from CyberGuard’s dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC), our highly skilled team of security experts take responsibility for monitoring our customers’ IT footprint, detecting and investigating indicators of compromise.  Customers can outsource the management of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics to CyberGuard, who will detect and respond on an on-going basis.

We offer real-time monitoring and expert advice through a number of channels. As well as keeping you informed via telephone and email we also like to keep businesses up-to-date on any cyber threats via our Cyber Threat Intelligence Watch group on LinkedIn.

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