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OGL Advisory Services focus on the business impact of technology and not just solutions implementation.

Built on over 45 years in the technology industry we have extensive knowledge of how technology can be used to deliver tangible business benefits and protect an organisation from cyber threats.

Services Overview

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We offer tailored consultancy services focused on the issues that are important to your business right now.

Our Advisory Team will take the time to understand your business and your specific cyber security and IT challenges and design relevant and effective solutions to deliver value and tangible benefits.

The team also has access to our highly skilled and experienced team of technical engineers who can design and deliver first-class IT solutions, as well as our vast pool of global threat intelligence, gathered by CyberGuard’s dedicated team of security analysts, to enable them to take a proactive approach in aligning your business processes to protect against new and persistent threats and ensuring you meet any relevant compliance and industry regulations.

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Strategic Advice

As your business continually adapts to an ever-changing environment, you need confidence that you can swiftly and effectively manage cyber risks and keep pace with changing regulatory obligations.

Our team of cyber and IT experts can help you design a robust cyber security strategy built around proven frameworks to enable you to make data-driven business decisions with confidence to maintain a stable operation and minimise IT failures which can lead to reputational damage, impact on company valuation, and even legal exposure.

Having the right strategy in place, that is effectively managed, can lead to growth and improved efficiency.

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strategic advice

Virtual Executive Services

We have highly experienced specialists who can work on a fractional basis as a member of your Board or IT team to deliver the expertise and resource that you require.

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Virtual CISO

Our experienced team can help your organisation align its security objectives with your business initiatives. As well as focusing on governance and risk management, we can also extend our capabilities and draw on assistance from resources across the OGL Group (OGL IT Solutions and CyberGuard) to ensure your IT landscape and information assets are protected.

Similar to the CTO and CIO roles, the vCISO can be provided on a partial time basis to meet your needs.

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Virtual CIO

Operating as an embedded resource in your organisation on a partial time basis, our professionals can manage, advise, and mentor.

They will work alongside your existing team, where a full-time CIO may not be needed.

Our team has experience working with FTSE 100 companies as well as charitable organisations and has operated in centralised and decentralised IT landscapes.

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Virtual CTO

Operating from senior IT through to board level as an external impartial advisor to provide an objective view of your organisation’s IT landscape and comparison of that against the needs of the organisation.

Assist in advising and updating the organisation’s IT roadmap and strategy.

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Virtual Executive Services

When needed, we can provide highly experienced temporary / part time Programme Manager resources to work alongside your IT management team and help deliver IT or Security improvement programmes.

This service has proved highly effective in achieving results where rapid change is needed

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

In today’s climate, every business is at risk from cyber-crime. As a result, cyber security is now a priority agenda item for any Board.

Having a structured approach to risk management and implementing control frameworks to underpin your operational capability is vital as business face growing pressure to meet stringent regulations.

Our specialist Advisory Team will work with you to implement a risk strategy that targets the shifting threat landscape and aligns with your overall business goals.

Services include strategy development, policy, procedures, standards and controls, cyber risk framework development, and regulatory compliance.

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