About Albumedix

Albumedix is a science-driven, biotechnology company within the pharmaceutical industry. They focus on enabling the creation of superior biopharmaceuticals, utilising their albumin-based drug enhancing technologies. They are recognised as the world leader in their industry, with their products and technologies being used in clinical and marketed drugs by pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Based in Nottinghamshire, they employ more than 85 members of staff who are all committed to improving patient quality of life.

Number of Employees: 85

Partnered with OGL since: 2018

Company Location: Nottinghamshire

Company Website: www.albumedix.com

Migrating to a new and improved IT infrastructure isn’t as daunting as you think…

As Albumedix separated from their parent company, they found themselves at a crossroads with their IT. They now wanted to take complete control of their own IT infrastructure, but thought by having over 100 computers, the migration could become complicated. They decided to take a proactive approach and talk to IT businesses on how they could help.

Albumedix’s Director explained: “I approached OGL as I wanted a company that was large enough to handle the scope of the project, who had enough experience and a good support network, but not so big that they would be distant and not approachable. We wanted to be treated as a key client. I also needed a company that would provide end user support to our service desk and OGL ticked all the boxes for what we needed. They were the perfect fit.

“We met with Steve Bennett (OGL’s IT Solutions Architect) and explained our situation. He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Most importantly, however, OGL was enormously open and honest about the scale of the task and the potential risks from the start, whilst reassuring us that they could come up with solutions and were capable of delivering what was required.”

Albumedix’s Director continued: “This was an enormous task and was basically setting up a new company from scratch, transferring 35 years’ worth of data that was stored all over the place. What was also crucial was that this all had to be done over a single weekend to ensure that day-to-day operations were working normally, so our 85 plus employees didn’t experience any downtime on Monday morning.

“This had the potential to be a disaster, but thanks to OGL, the project was a massive success. I could not be happier with the way OGL has gone about the project from start to finish, every single member of their team was exceptional. They were open, honest and proactive in dealing with any issues faced. They suggested relevant IT solutions to suit our needs and everyone we met was extremely technically knowledgeable.

“We’ve invested in OGL’s Private Cloud and upgraded our PCs to Windows 10 which is much more convenient, as now all our users are consistent in using the same operating system (rather than a mix of Windows 7 and 10). Once we were back in control of our IT, we were also keen to look at upgrading our IT security. We now have firewalls in place to help block unwanted traffic, which helps in keeping our IT infrastructure secure.

“When OGL’s on-site team visited our office, they acted professionally, which has only reinforced the already good impression I had of them. The feedback that we’ve had from our employees has been really positive and any issues raised have been resolved quickly and efficiently, so I’m confident any future projects are in good hands. It’s been a pleasure to work with them.”

"The migration from our old IT infrastructure had the potential to be a disaster, but with the help of OGL, it was a massive success. I could not be happier with the way OGL has gone about the project from start to finish, every single member of their team was exceptional."


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