Alex Barnett Celebrates 10 Years at OGL

A huge congratulations to Alex Barnett who recently celebrated his 10th anniversary at OGL.

Alex looks back on the last 10 years:

“In 2011 I was working in the customer service department at a local garden furniture company. I was 18 at the time with no real idea of what I wanted to do with my career. I was aware that a couple of my colleagues were leaving the furniture company to work at OGL which, other than driving past occasionally, I knew nothing about. They informed me that OGL was running a Sales Academy which had had great success in the past of introducing people into the world of sales; something I was interested in. I had nothing to lose apart from the fact I was going through the process of applying to be an 18-30’s rep for Thomas Cook which, looking back, was not the best idea for someone of my complexion! The interview process was tough and involved many rounds of interviews with the Sales Managers and Directors at OGL. Luckily, my presentations went well and I was offered a place on the Academy.

alex barnett award

“The next 6 months was a whirlwind of Sales and IT training, and spending time with many different departments within OGL. However, it was New Business Sales that really interested me due to the fast-paced nature and the thrill of closing a deal. I have spent all of my career at OGL in the New Business Team, starting on the telephones making appointments for the external teams to now having an external role myself; something that I thoroughly enjoy. I am lucky enough to sell for both the IT Solutions and CyberGuard businesses which offers great variety and never gets boring.

“My favourite aspect of the role is that it is different every day and there is always an opportunity to learn new things. I love dealing with different businesses and finding solutions to customers’ problems. I am part of a great team and love the people that I work with. Even though New Business can be tough, and provides a roller coaster of emotions, there is always someone to offer support or pick you up when you are having a tough day. I would like to also mention the great support I get from two people in particular. Firstly from my manager, Lee Reece, who has always supported me and challenged me to do better. He has kept my drive during the difficult times and his passion is infectious. Secondly, the support I get from Sophie Taylor who keeps me in check and well organised; something that I struggle with. When I get into a fluster because there is so much to do, I can rely on Sophie to keep the peace."

alex barnett quote

Lee Reece, Alex’s manager, congratulates him on his 10 years of service:

“Wow…doesn’t time fly when you’re chasing a target?!  I cannot believe it has been 10 years’ service! 

“Alex is a huge success story for OGL! 

“I had the privilege of managing Alex when he first joined the New Business Team, making it through the intense Sales Academy format to break into our experienced team.   He was fresh and usually red faced back then, with a passion and hunger to be the best salesperson in the team.  Most, if not all, wouldn’t argue that he has achieved that accolade over the years and its brilliant to see him become a proud, successful, consistent achiever that has certainly earned all credit of his own success. 

“It’s so refreshing to see how motivated Alex is after 10 years of service within the New Business environment. He not only lifts his team members but also departments with his infectious personality and humour.  I am very proud to be working with him after all this time and focussing on moving our salesforce to the next level with Alex being a valued key member.

“Well done Alex, keep up the excellent work!!”