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Used for blocking unwanted traffic, whether it be protection from emails with very large file sizes or executable files which autorun, OGL uses firewalls from WatchGuard as the first line of defence.

Interested in a managed firewall service?

OGL's Cyber Security divison, CyberGuard, can provide businesses with a managed firewall service. This not only monitors and maintains your firewall to make sure it is up-to-date with the latest security patches, but it also provides detailed analysis of user and traffic behaviour.

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Kaspersky Lab anti-virus solutions help protect your network from viruses and worms. The synergy between OGL and Kaspersky Lab ensures the very best service for our customers.

A Kaspersky Platinum Partner

OGL is one of only a few businesses within the UK to be a Kaspersky Platinum Partner. This prestigious accreditation ensures that we can offer the highest levels of security for your business.

Access to exceptional knowledge, experience and skills from our friendly team is all part of our service.

Interested in next-generation anti-virus?

OGL's Cyber Security divison, CyberGuard, can provide a more advanced anti-virus product, Carbon Black Defense, a next-generation anti-virus. This helps protect user endpoints by not only looking for known viruses and malware, but also inspects files and identifies threats by analysing previous user's behaviour. 

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