How are you protected from web and email threats?

Everyone knows the importance of protecting their web and email against threats such as viruses, phishing attacks, content violations and spam. Organisations are realising that IT security should now be their primary focus if they want to, not only survive, but to progress as a business. A recent survey from Microsoft found the average cost of a data breach to a business is £2.9 million; a key reason why businesses simply can’t continue to operate once they’ve been attacked. Additionally, a survey from Agari, revealed that Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams are among the most common cyber security threats impacting businesses worldwide. 96% of businesses report having received BEC scam emails. Protecting your organisation against threats originating from web or email applications has never been more vital, highlighted in the media recently by the WannaCry attacks.

WannaCry was an email threat!

In May 2017 one of the largest cyber-attacks occurred, affecting 200,000 computers in approximately 100 countries. It spread from offices to emergency services and no-one appeared safe. How did all this chaos start? From an email. The fact that it affected so many businesses, small or large, from a range of industries, on such a global scale, shocked the world. Cyber-crime has no prejudice on whatever type of business you are, if your security isn’t secure, you are at high risk of being attacked. A recent survey produced by Symantec, stated that 43% of cyber-attacks against businesses worldwide target small companies. The survey also looked at email malware threats and found it affecting a diverse range of industries, although Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate have the highest email malware rate (every 1 in 182 emails), Construction was a close second with malware affecting 1 in every 179 emails. Unfortunately, there is no hiding from web and email threats.

Effective time management…

With email and web threats inevitable, businesses are asking themselves, what’s the best strategy to adopt. With IT security now a primary company focus, the pressure, time and resource for an IT manager is a heavy burden to bear. As businesses are reliant on their IT, we understand the IT manager’s time is constrained as their list of responsibilities is ever-growing. This is why there’s been a conscious shift in how companies are approaching their IT security. More and more businesses are becoming smarter and are now passing on their web and email security responsibilities to businesses that understand the cyber-threats and IT security landscape. This also allows your organisation to benefit from the vast resources a cyber company has to offer, while freeing up your IT manager to get on with what he does best and help keep your business working while increasing productivity.

How CyberGuard can help…

Using the latest technology, CyberGuard can offer a number of services to help keep your web and email secure (as well as freeing up some of your valuable time).

By having a wealth of resources at their disposal, CyberGuard's Web Security service can protect businesses against harmful, offensive or inappropriate content, and offers comprehensive protection from web-borne malware using real-time traffic inspection.

For increased security, CyberGuard's Email Security service offers protection for inbound and outbound emails. Using cloud-based software, they can scan your emails for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam. By doing this in the cloud they can remove the burden on your local server and can offer backup for unlimited email for up to seven years.

For more information on how to improve your web and email security visit: or alternatively, you can call CyberGuard on 01299 870 870 and a web and email security expert will be happy to help.


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