• 09 Nov 2018

    How to Prepare your Business for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    Posted by Amy Bruce, Marketing Executive

    Hundreds of ecommerce businesses are set to make thousands from their online sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Here are our tips to help you prepare for these online sales.

  • 11 Oct 2018

    3 Web & Email Security Threats Putting your Business at Risk

    Posted by OGL Computer

    Technology is always advancing, and the more it changes, the more challenging it is for businesses to protect their sensitive data and keep their network and email secure. While ensuring that your employees are cyber-security aware and understand the risks and dangers is important, you need a proact...

  • 05 Sep 2018

    The Importance of Backing Up to The Cloud & Data Protection

    Posted by OGL Computer

    Remote cloud software is a technological advancement that has taken a magnitude of industries by storm - it’s a cloud computing breakthrough that’s here to stay. Although it may seem like a relatively new concept that’s seen a surge in requisition from SMEs and large corporations across the globe...

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