Awareness Training

Comprehensive training

delivered by experts

Educating employees on the importance of cyber security

  • Make staff cyber-aware
  • Education is key
  • Regular cyber security promotion
  • Simulated attacks to raise awareness

Cyber security awareness training for staff is a critical (but all too often overlooked) part of protecting a business. Our awareness programme uses a range of fun, engaging methods to educate employees on their role in keeping the business they work for safe.

Our methods teach best practice about data storage, application downloads, passwords, spam email, backing up work and much more. This is then reinforced by practical exercises such as simulated phishing attacks.

Keeping security in the forefront of employees’ minds and driving home the importance of due diligence is imperative.

It’s a fact that your end-users are the weakest link in your network security. The strongest defences are rendered useless if an attacker can dupe an employee into handing over login details.

Our awareness training includes:

Monthly phishing attacks - company wide

We’ll attempt to compromise your users’ accounts and identify employees who are not working with cyber security in mind and have weak passwords and network security. Month-on-month an improvement in employee cyber behaviour is expected.

Bi-annual spear attacks - high risk departments

Typically targeting departments that have access to business finances, we’ll attempt to scam specific groups of employees and steal data. Issues can be quickly pinpointed and addressed with departmental training.

Quarterly password check

Four times a year we’ll run our state-of-the-art password checker to pinpoint passwords that do not adhere to password protocols. We’ll inform employees that need to change their password and offer advice on how to set a secure but memorable password.

On-demand video training

Access to engaging video content on the issues around cyber security. Available on-demand to all staff, or purely to those with learning requirements.

Monthly cyber security newsletter

Delivered each month to your business with links to useful reports, advice on tackling current cyber threats and ideas for working securely.

A world-renown partnership...

We work closely with KnowBe4, the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform that helps businesses manage the ongoing problem of cyber security. Our close partnership with KnowBe4, allows our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that that they are getting world-renown training and resources around social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

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