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Bache Brown & Co is a leading firm of Chartered Certified Accountants in the West Midlands. With over 25 years’ experience they provide a proactive approach to accounting and offer tax and business advice to small and medium sized businesses and their owners. Their strong union of technical skills and specialist industry expertise enables them to equip their clients to navigate marketplace complexities and make better business decisions.

Based in Brierley Hill, they employ 27 members of staff and all their IT needs are supported by OGL Computer. 

Number of Employees: 27

Partnered with OGL since: 2016

Company Location: Brierley Hill, West Midlands

Company Website: www.bachebrownaccountants.co.uk

Cyber security & IT efficiency are of the utmost importance to financial firms

With more and more financial firms being targeted by cyber-criminals, organisations within the financial sector are taking a proactive stance against cyber-crime. With this in mind, we caught up with Bache Brown & Co’s Director, who was happy to highlight the importance of investing in cyber security. He said: “In 2016, we made the decision to partner with OGL Computer and more recently, their Cyber Security division, CyberGuard Technologies. We made it clear that the services provided by them had to be on the basis that cyber security and IT efficiency were of the utmost importance to our Practice and OGL and CyberGuard were confident they could deliver on both.

“As with any business, IT is crucial to our success, and if our business is at risk of a cyber-attack, it can cause severe losses, from reputational damage to downtime disruption. However, as an accountancy practice and tax advisers, our security is heightened due to the large amount of personal data we hold. To ensure we meet the requirements of GDPR and protect the information we process, cyber security is paramount to us and is the main reason why we invested in CyberGuard.”

Bache Brown & Co’s Director continued: “We needed a proactive security product and CyberGuard recommended a next-generation anti-virus product called Carbon Black Defense. With cyber-attackers getting more sophisticated and using smarter ways of infiltrating devices, this product analyses our behaviour, and can identify new, unknown threats. In today’s climate, we felt strongly in investing in such a high-quality anti-virus product to be confident that we can deliver our quality services to our clients.

“All the main tools we use to provide our accounting taxation and payroll services rely heavily upon IT, so all of our systems need to be working efficiently and securely otherwise we would not be able to operate as a business. This led us to invest in OGL’s Patch Management solution. The service is fully managed and tends to operate behind the scenes. It ensures that our software is up-to-date so that we never have any problems; offering us peace of mind. We also have a daily report from OGL identifying any issues, which constantly keeps us informed of any potential problems.”

OGL also provides Bache Brown & Co with their IT support and Office 365. Bache Brown & Co’s Director said: “OGL’s IT support has always been efficient and Office 365 has specifically benefitted our business as our staff can work from home or even log on to their workstations whilst operating at the client’s premises. It’s also beneficial that we can securely access our emails remotely and ultimately offers us a much more modern way of working.”

Bache Brown & Co’s Director concluded: “CyberGuard and OGL has vastly improved our efficiency and contributed to our business growth. Their effective IT support for any workstation issues is greatly appreciated and they have significantly enhanced the security for our file server. They were also very resourceful with their assistance in us becoming GDPR compliant.

“With the current advances in accountancy software, we think our Practice will be working more with clients and their software, which will bring in issues of security and continuity of IT software. We look forward to OGL assisting us to ensure that this is done so that there is no impact to our efficiency or security.”

“CyberGuard and OGL has vastly improved our efficiency and contributed to our business growth. Their effective IT support for any workstation issues is greatly appreciated and they have greatly enhanced the security for our file server.”

Bache Brown & Co

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