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  • Minimum security required for all businesses

    Virus attacks, hackers, spam and malicious emails are a major headache for any business; big or small. As the methods of attack have become more complex, so have the measures needed to manage these threats. That’s why so many companies turn to us for professional, comprehensive protection from IT security risks.

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    Baseline Security Services

    Minimum cyber security services needed in all businesses…

  • “Our IT security was previously only managed by a single password and wasn’t exactly secure. CyberGuard advised how easy it was to access data with a single password.”

    Callsafe Services

    Read the full Success Story here
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    Cyber Security Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve dramatically improved our customers’ cyber security…

  • Protect your business; don’t get caught out!

    By using our managed cyber security services, it can free up your valuable resources and time, while giving you peace of mind that your cyber security is being taking care of.

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    Why invest in Baseline Security?

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      Weaknesses identified to stop potential attacks
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      Vulnerable security areas prioritised
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      Business continuity ensured with minimal disruption
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      Highly trained technicians
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      Confidence you’re taking (or you’ve taken) security precautions
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