Building Business Partnerships

We all recognise the value of building relationships with our customers and our suppliers to ensure we can continue to deliver excellent service. But have you thought about how the efficiency, reliability and the security of your own customers’ and suppliers’ IT networks and business processes could potentially affect your own business?

Whether you are part of a complex or simple supply chain, if a business that you rely on experiences lengthy downtime due to an IT failure or a cyber-attack, or are utilising outdated systems to manager their business, then the impact on your own business can be significant.

As a valued OGL customer who is already benefitting from knowing that your IT and/or ERP software is in safe hands, we would like to work with you to strengthen and secure the networks and systems of those businesses closest to you.

What is OGL’s Building Business Partnerships programme?

Our “Building Business Partnerships” programme rewards loyal customers who refer businesses in their supply chain to work with OGL.

What do I have to do to take part?

Step 1:  Identify a customer and/or supplier who is a key part of your own business’ supply chain and check to see if they match our criteria for a qualifying reference.

Step 2:  Complete our BBP Referral Form here with details of your reference(s) and send it to [email protected] or give a copy to your Account Manager at your next meeting.

Step 3:  Our Referrals Team will then keep you posted on how we get on.

Step 4:  If we book an appointment to go and see your referred customer and/or supplier we will let you know and send you a thank you gift.

Step 5:  If your referral is successful and we bring them on board as a new OGL customer, we will again let you know and send you a further thank you gift.

What rewards will I receive?

  • Face-to-Face Appointment – Reward to the value of £25
  • Become an OGL Customer – Reward to the value £250 or you can choose to have the £250 taken off your next OGL invoice

You can make as many referrals as you want and each time it is successful we will reward you, so you could be getting regular money off your OGL invoices if we start working with your entire supply chain.

What type of business is OGL looking for in a referral?

IT Solutions/Cyber Security

  • Businesses that are in the UK
  • Businesses that have a minimum of 10 employees
  • Businesses within the private sector
  • Businesses wanting or needing to improve their IT infrastructure or cyber security provision

OGL Software / prof.ITplus

  • Stockists, distributors and wholesale businesses that are in the UK
  • Businesses wanting or needing to improve their business processes to deliver greater efficiency, improve productivity and increase profits

Terms and Conditions

1. OGL reserves the right to decide whether a referral qualifies for the scheme
2. Referrals must meet our criteria to be considered
3. Where OGL already has existing relationships, or is already in discussion with a business that is referred, the referral will not be considered valid
4. The scheme is open to all customers of the OGL Group of Companies with current contracts
5. No products or services are required to be purchased to be able to join the program
6. Customers will earn rewards for every individual qualifying referral made
7. Rewards are made on a one-off basis at each qualifying stage

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