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Bearings & Transmission ERP Software 

Take control of your stock to increase profits with OGL Software. Our ERP solution is tailored for the Bearings & Transmission industry and will give you the tools you need to increase efficiencies, better manage your inventory and deliver quality customer service.  

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    Visibility of customer & buying trends
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    Make purchase decisions based on accurate data
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    Increase sales opportunities with effective marketing
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    Sophisticated search capabilities
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    Easily import supplier pricing across all channels

Business Software for the Bearings & Transmission industry

Our business and inventory management software is designed to tackle the challenges faced by the Bearings and Transmissions industry and supplies you with the tools you need to drive your business forward.  

OGL Software connects all your business processes into one central system, allowing you to be in control of your success. Streamlining your order process, from initial enquiry to dispatching of goods, will remove the manual processes that have been holding you back.   

Bearings & Transmissions Software Key Benefits:

  • Stock only your most profitable products with complete visibility of customer buying trends
  • Batch traceability via serial numbers, manufacturer etc 
  • Buy & sell in different unit measures under one stock code 
  • Integrated CRM to enhance customer service 
  • Market to your potential customers to increase sales opportunities  
  • Batch imports of supplier pricing and product information  
  • Identify different manufacturers of the same product for improved customer service
  • Save hours of searching with our powerful search capabilities
  • Auto-create purchase orders from pre-set stock limits 
  • Company-wide reporting and KPI performance 
  • Multi-channel selling with integrated eCommerce, Amazon & eBay accounts 

Our software is used by many members of the following Bearings & Transmissions buying groups and associations:

  • Bearing Net
  • IADA
  • BGA

Drive your business forward with OGL Software 

“Following the partnership with OGL, our IT infrastructure improved beyond all comprehension. Overnight we became a fully computerised operation with easy access to historic records, click-of-a-button stock level reports and fully integrated analysis tools which gave us a way of running comprehensive business reports for the first time.” 

George Lodge & Sons

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Your complete ERP solution

OGL Software, a scalable business software solution that connects and optimises all areas of your business to help you buy better and sell smarter.