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We know you’ll want factual information about our products and services but sometimes you’ll be interested in the opinion and comments of the experts we have here at OGL. Have a look through our blog articles to see what we’re saying about topics that could impact your business.


  • 06 Dec 2016

    prof.ITplus: curing the headache of stock-taking

    Posted by Cindy Phillips, Marketing Manager

    Of course, a company needs to know the value of their stock in order to generate accurate year-end accounts and establish how the business is performing but for many companies it means significant down-time whilst the stock-taking is being carried out. Our customers (before using prof.ITplus) typica...

  • 01 Dec 2016

    5 ways prof.ITplus improves staff morale

    Posted by Cindy Phillips, Marketing Manager

    We’ve noticed over the years that not only does our business software make the CEOs and MDs of businesses that use prof.ITplus happy (because of the boost to the bottom line), it also has a positive impact on the morale of staff using prof.ITplus for their day-to-day work. We’ve comp...

  • 10 Nov 2016

    The power of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Posted by Cindy Phillips, Marketing Manager

    The better a business can manage its customer relationships, the more success the business is likely to have. The term given to this idea is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It’s the act of handling and recording customer communications, interactions and relationships in a structured...

  • 01 Nov 2016

    6,634,204,312,890,625 passwords cracked in 2.5 days

    Posted by Paul Colwell, Technical Director

    At OGL we take IT security seriously so we have developed a machine that is designed to crack passwords. This machine can guess passwords at an amazing 30 billion combinations per second. There are 6,634,204,312,890,625 combinations of an 8-character password using the full range of letters, numb...

  • 01 Sep 2016

    Data storage options explained

    Posted by Steve Bennett, Solution Sales Manager

    Data; what is it, why do we need it, why do we have so much of it, what’s the best way to store it? That’s a lot of questions, let me help to steer you towards some answers. Data is everywhere. Literally. And we are creating more of it than ever. In fact, we have created more data in ...

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