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We know you’ll want factual information about our products and services but sometimes you’ll be interested in the opinion and comments of the experts we have here at OGL. Have a look through our blog articles to see what we’re saying about topics that could impact your business.


  • 10 Oct 2017

    Data storage

    Posted by Jamie Turvey, Marketing Executive

    Why do we need to store data? The importance of data storage may sound obvious to some however, there are still businesses that dismiss how crucial it is to their company. Data is exponential, it’s everything and everywhere. Essentially, it’s the lifeblood of your business. If you h...

  • 27 Sep 2017

    Document Management

    Posted by Connie Edwards, Marketing Executive

    Businesses are moving faster than ever, and with the technological age in full swing, people want access to information and quotes not just within the hour, but instantaneously. This can be somewhat of an issue if documents are misplaced or saved in an employee’s password protected area. Other...

  • 20 Sep 2017

    Could your business survive a cyber-attack?

    Posted by Jamie Turvey, Marketing Executive

    There’s been an unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks over the last few years, which means it’s no longer a matter of if, but when will your business (regardless of size) fall victim to a cyber-attack.    A recent report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) and Barclay&rsqu...

  • 04 Sep 2017

    How sales analysis affects time management

    Posted by Connie Edwards , Marketing Executive

    We know that every manager in the country will have, at some point, spent time pondering the business’ profit margin.  A multitude of factors can affect your sales figures, leaving you with only a vague guess as to what might be really happening. Gaining an increased awareness of where...

  • 08 Aug 2017

    The Criminal Equation!

    Posted by Jamie Turvey, Marketing Executive

    When considering the question of “How can businesses maintain security?” I did what everyone does and searched on Google. I found an interesting article by one of our partners, Carbon Black, talking about the criminal equation. Why do criminals carry out crimes? In reality it’s a s...

  • 31 Jul 2017

    How do you protect yourself from cyber-criminals?

    Posted by Jamie Turvey, Marketing Executive

    Cybercrime is on the increase, and it’s thought to have cost the UK an estimated £27 billion to recover from it. Implementing cybercrime protection is crucial for the longevity of any business, as it adds that extra layer of protection.   It was once said...

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