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CyberGuard deliver cyber security confidence to the financial industry

According to a recent study by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), cyber-incidents have spiked by 1000% in 2018 within the UK finance sector. With financial firms a high target for cyber-criminals, it’s no surprise more and more financial organisations are listening to the FCA advice and seeking guidance from a cyber security managed provider.

Bluestar Leasing has been using OGL’s IT services since 2016, however with the relatively new threat of cyber-crime, they were keen to invest in their cyber security. We met up with their Managing Director, who commented: “Cyber security is always a concern for us as we hold confidential client data and we wanted to ensure we had the best protection available. Within this industry it’s hugely important to invest in a quality cyber security provider due to the sheer volume of customer data, and the type of data we hold. Having worked with OGL for many years and found their professionalism and service to be market leading, I had 100% confidence that after discussing my concerns with OGL’s Cyber Security division, CyberGuard, they could deliver a product that would protect our IT systems.”

Bluestar’s Managing Director continued: “Previously we had been using Kaspersky anti-virus, which was a good, cost effective product, however, we followed CyberGuard’s advice and installed Carbon Black Defense, a next-generation anti-virus product. Since installing Carbon Black, you can really tell that the product offers a more robust level of security and has given us much more confidence that our systems are as secure as they can be. This is due to the fact that Carbon Black inspects files and identifies threats by analysing previous user's behaviour, offering much more protection than we previously had.”

OGL also provide Bluestar with their IT support and Office 365. Bluestar’s Managing Director said: “A modern business relies on their IT to function. We need to be able to communicate with our customers, partners and staff to operate efficiently. If we have a problem with our IT, the knock-on effect to our business is huge. OGL has provided us with a secure, stable IT & communications platform which is the foundation of our business. We work together proactively to ensure our systems are robust and reliable to prevent any downtime. Prevention is far easier to manage than the cure. Having said that when we have had a problem, OGL resolves the matter quickly and efficiently.

OGL’s Office 365 service has been particularly beneficial to us. We have sales staff that need to be in constant touch with their clients. Telephone and email are the two most important methods to communicate and if we are unable to communicate, we are unable to sell our service and products and being able to do this remotely, anytime and anywhere is brilliant!”

Bluestar’s Managing Director concluded: “We are so grateful to have OGL and CyberGuard as our IT and cyber security partner. Our business has enjoyed year-on-year growth and our plans are to continue this. Our service levels are monitored constantly, and we look to be the best we can at all times. To provide this service our IT systems have to work and be secure, OGL and CyberGuard play their part to ensure this. Any businesses that think cyber-crime won’t affect them, are being extremely naïve. Don’t find out the hard way that cyber-crime is a huge threat to any financial business.”

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