Bonnie Lewis Celebrates 10 Years at OGL

A huge congratulations to Bonnie Lewis who recently celebrated her 10th anniversary at OGL.

Bonnie looks back on the last 10 years:

“I have worked at OGL for 10 years. Before I came to work here, I was working for TNT for 8 years in their head office in Atherstone. Then, our department relocated to Northampton. I commuted to work for just over a year but it became too much, travelling nearly 4 hours a day plus my 8 hour work day.

“That’s when I applied for OGL. I got offered the role of Field Scheduler; there were two schedulers back then, split into North and South; I worked the south. Then after a few years I ended up working both the north and the south. The other scheduler was never replaced – I like to think this was because I did such a good job! I am now Commercial Lead for the field."

Chris Graham, Bonnie’s manager, congratulates her on her 10 years at OGL:

“Congratulations to Bonnie on achieving 10 years at OGL as the Commercial Lead for the Field team. One of Bonnie’s many roles is to shepherd a team of engineers using her encyclopaedic knowledge of postcodes, ensuring all field tasks are completed in the most efficient way and always keeping customers informed of engineer ETA’s.

“Bonnie is an integral part of the team. When not guiding the engineers, she is tirelessly chasing outstanding loans, always ready to help and always with a smile on her face. Bonnie’s professionalism and strive for customer satisfaction makes her a key asset.

“Comments from the team are mostly unpublishable but suffice to say Bonnie is known for entertaining at the Christmas party, belting out a good Cher song on the karaoke and her love of salt on everything, but above all else Bonnie is a hard-working key member of the Field team.

“Congratulations Bonnie.”