The business efficiency test – can your business stay competitive in the new normal?

We’ve launched our completely free business and software efficiency test to help SME’s review their current processes to decide whether they’re able to remain competitive in the new normal and whether their existing operations are future-proofed to protect the longevity and profitability of the company.

Shockingly 98% of wholesalers and distributors still use some level of manual processes despite 80% of businesses agreeing that automating business processes helps them stay competitive.

We know business owners aren’t afforded the time to take a step back and complete a comprehensive audit and review of their operations and end-to-end order processing journey. Running your day-to-day business to fulfil orders and meet customer demand is a mammoth task already, especially in Covid-19 times. This is why we’ve created a new tool that does it for you in less than 5 minutes. Our business and software efficiency test looks at key areas in your business including sales activity, order processing, eCommerce sales, stock control, purchasing and more. The test then instantly provides you with an efficiency rating which highlights how well your existing business processes and software systems are performing.

Now you know your efficiency rating, what next? Well, we'd never just score you and leave! We’ve created a guide packed full of tips, guidance and advice on exactly what your score means for your business and how you can improve on that score to reach optimum levels of efficiency. You can also book a free, no-obligation, consultation with our software experts to further explore your current operations and software solutions to understand the benefits of automating and digitalising your processes. With years of experience implementing ERP solutions into SME's, our software experts are bursting with advice and guidance on the best practices for future-proofing your business. 

With the demands of consumers changing and the supply chain needing to digitalise, we’ve focused an area of our efficiency test on the ability to sell online and how easy it is for your business to offer a seamless multi-channel customer experience. We believe these are the keys areas, among other key fundamentals like automating stock replenishment, which will allow SME’s to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry.

As businesses are looking to make strategic moves to succeed in the future and deal with unprecedented challenges, take the time to review your current operations to find out if your business has the tools it needs to thrive, not just survive, the next chapter.

Take the quick test now.

The business efficiency test – can your business stay competitive in the new normal?-icon-second-section

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