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C. Brandauer & Co Ltd

OGL’s proactive approach is a major reason why previous customers return

C. Brandauer & Co were originally a customer of OGL’s between 2009 and 2015; however, the decision was made when they installed a new ERP system that it was best to have one provider that fits all their IT services and ended their contract with OGL. However, since leaving they realised that in order to progress their business, they needed OGL’s IT solutions in place, and were keen to return.

Their Financial Director was happy to explain: “We always felt we previously had good support from OGL, but the decision was made to collaborate with our ERP system provider, so it was easier to handle moving forward. On reflection, we appreciated what OGL had previously offered us, which was a proactive approach to IT support rather than a reactive one. We understood that if we wanted to improve as a company, OGL was the right fit for us.”

Brandauer’s Financial Director continued: “As we changed our IT support provider, we were desperate to avoid any downtime. We needed better control and lockdown of our data, and we wanted a more proactive service. We called OGL and explained our situation, who were more than happy to review the gaps in our systems and to help solve our problems.

“Ultimately, they’ve delivered their promise and given us additional peace of mind that our systems are operating in a much more secure way and on a budget that suits the size of our business. I feel they have not only done what has been asked but have given a dedicated and an enthusiastic approach to how they monitor and maintain our systems by way of quarterly health checks and reporting back future recommendations.

“We are now confident in our IT support and are looking to the future, as there could be a potential to move off-premise which will need all our IT infrastructure in place prior to moving to avoid any downtime.”

OGL is seeing this more and more; previous customers who, for various reasons, leave at the end of their contract and then return a few years later. We understand that some organisations will eventually need to leave due to their own particular circumstances, but having been in business for over 40 years, OGL understands that uncompromising customer service and a proactive approach will always be one of the main reasons why businesses return to OGL.

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