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CyberGuard provides professional security advice and support to cyber security concerns

As cyber-crime increases year-on-year, businesses are now making cyber security a top priority. Unfortunately, cyber-crime isn’t going away any time soon and unless businesses invest in cyber security, the threat of a serious cyber-attack, whether you’re a small or large business, is a reality of the 21st century. 

Callsafe Services has been an OGL Computer customer since 2009, and with the increase in cyber-attacks, they were keen to discuss how they could improve security for their business. In 2017 they started to work with OGL’s sister company, CyberGuard Technologies.

Callsafe’s Managing Director was happy to explain the reasons why they felt they needed to upgrade their security: “We were fully aware of the security threats that could harm our business and wanted to take a proactive approach in tackling cyber-crime. Having been a customer of OGL’s for nearly 10 years we were introduced to their cyber security division, CyberGuard. We needed an external company to provide professional support and advise on security issues facing our hardware and software. We wanted a company that was familiar with our needs and who could respond quickly to concerns and advise on security solutions. CyberGuard ticked all the boxes.”

Callsafe’s Managing Director continued: “Our IT security was previously only managed by a single password and wasn’t exactly secure. CyberGuard advised how easy it was to access data with a single password and recommended SafeNet’s Multi-Factor Authentication. This is where our security has benefitted the most, and now we are safe in the knowledge that our laptop users have significantly greater data security, satisfying our need to secure personal and client data stored on our laptops.” 

Multi-Factor Authentication improves Callsafe’s security by adding an alternative layer of protection when users sign in, so they will be asked for their username, password and a third layer of random authentication. This helps prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to their systems and any confidential documents they hold.

Callsafe’s Managing Director also explained how they have continued to increase security: “Our Account Manager at CyberGuard also advised on other areas within the business where we could be vulnerable to a cyber-attack. We invested in a state-of-the-art, next-generation anti-virus product called Carbon Black Defense. With cyber-attackers getting more sophisticated, Carbon Black protects our business as it not only looks for known viruses and malware, but also inspects threats by reviewing our employees’ behaviour. This deeper level of inspection enables CyberGuard to spot complex threats that would normally go undetected.

“CyberGuard has also helped us become Cyber Essentials compliant. As a responsible business we thought it was important to be accredited as this gives us evidence that we’re committed to working securely. At this time, we’ve not been asked by our clients to have an independently verified security system for our data, however, as the majority of our work is with government agencies, it is likely that this will become a standard client requirement in the near future.

“We’re looking forward to working with CyberGuard and OGL in the future as we look to re-configure our folder structure so it’s easier for our files to be found and archived. We’re also interested in implementing the synchronisation of our laptops with cloud storage.”

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