Safe, secure access to your

documents wherever you are

  • Work collaboratively with colleagues from anywhere in the world
  • Operate professionally and efficiently utilising modern IT technology
  • Enable your workforce with the tools to work effectively
  • Reduce the strain on your office space
  • Control staff permissions centrally
  • Add your company’s branding to your FileCentral web portal for a seamless experience

Free yourself from the restrictions of your office PC

Utilise cloud technology to access and share your documents and files from any device via an internet connection.

You’ll have three ways of getting to your cloud-based documents:

  1. Via a web browser
  2. Via a client application installed on your PC or MAC
  3. Via a mobile app for Android and IOS devices

Our FileCentral solution will replicate the structure of your documents and files in the cloud so it will look familiar to you, except you won’t need to be within the confines of the office environment to get to them. You can access your files and documents on the move, at home, from a meeting, during your commute or from your favourite café – all you’ll need is an internet connection to do so. No more hasty calls back to the office to get an important document emailed to your personal email account ahead of an offsite meeting (a big IT security no-no!)

Access your files, work on them, then save them back to the cloud so all your updates will be securely saved.

Not only will the freedom to work remotely be opened up to you, it will be done so with comprehensive data security measures in place. Our cloud is at our UK data centre which has the highest possible levels of data security and is ISO 27001 compliant.

Working on a collaborative project? Invite third parties to temporarily have view-only access to your files so they can review current versions.

Modern, IT technology for your workforce

Ensure your team has the tools to be the best

With the prevalence of cloud-based storage products in the home (think DropBox and OneDrive), your company could be exposed to staff using unsecure, non-business grade products in the office if your IT infrastructure isn’t set up for flexible and reliable access to data.

The need (and staff expectation) that files and folders can be accessed from locations outside the office should be addressed by companies who want an engaged, effective, efficient workforce.

Getting the balance right between enabling flexible, remote working and retaining security access levels is difficult but FileCentral offers the perfect solution.

Permissions on the FileCentral drive and its sub-folders are set by your administrator ensuring you retain access and security levels.

All data is stored in OGL’s state-of-the-art UK data centre which is ISO27001 compliant and backed up daily to a second UK data centre for added resilience.

With almost 40 years’ experience of delivering leading edge solutions and our vast knowledge of optimising cloud-based solutions to deliver tangible business benefits, you can be sure you are partnering with a reliable and trusted provider.

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