Online Shopping Channel Integration

Open up an abundance of

sales opportunities

  • Significant time savings from efficient sales order processing
  • Auto-sync of stock availability and pricing
  • Reduce likelihood of errors as removes need for multiple data entry
  • Process more orders without increasing staff overhead
  • Stylish, modern interface for easy use
  • Improve customer response times

Realise the opportunities of selling through Amazon and eBay

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prof.ITplus allows you to sell on Amazon and eBay in a way that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your system. Not only does this instantly increase your potential market reach and opportunity to grow sales and profit, but prof.ITplus does it with the minimum amount of extra processes.

The dedicated module, that we call the Online Channel Hub, sends data back and forth between prof.ITplus and Amazon and/or eBay, ensuring product information such as stock level, price, availability and item description are always up-to-date. The Online Channel Hub eliminates the time spent manually inputting information and allows for a seamless communication between prof.ITplus, eBay and Amazon. 

Additionally, the Online Channel Hub allows you to create new product listings in eBay using product information and images in prof.ITplus, saving you the valuable time spent manually adding new product listings. 

Special online pricing

Product pricing will be taken from prof.ITplus as standard, however there is the option of setting different prices for each sales channel. This allows you to alter your pricing strategy accordingly, again with no extra hassle once your channel prices are entered in prof.ITplus.

Furthermore, you can even adjust stock levels to create increased demand for your goods. 

Online sales orders handled with ease

Resulting orders placed on Amazon and eBay will be imported into prof.ITplus (automatically, obviously!) and handled alongside all other orders, ensuring seamless, efficient order handling – no special processes outside of the system are needed.

And you won’t need dedicated staff to process online orders. prof.ITplus will simply handle the order like any other, all the while sending back the necessary data to Amazon and eBay so customers can track their order. Simple!

Get in touch and find out how to integrate online shopping channels

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