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Not all clouds are created equal. Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution ensures maximum security, accessibility, reliability and affordability.

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    Data held off-site, won’t be affected by fire or flood at your location
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    Instant restores available
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    Enhanced security
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    Protect against ransomware attacks
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    We have offices in London & the Midlands

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What makes ours the leading solution?

Instant recovery with 100% recovery confidence

There's no point backing up if you can't restore.

Our solution will ensure your backups are instant and verified at multiple levels. It will also ensure your backed up data hasn't been compromised through ransomware scanning. Providing you with 100% recovery confidence.

Recover data anytime, anywhere.

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Datto Data Backup

Automated backups

Our solution provides automated, verified backups that are stored locally and in an ultra-secure Cloud solution. Specialist features include:

  • Inverse Chain Technology™ - ensures every incremental backup is a recovery point
  • Cloud Deletion Defense™ - will undo accidental or malicious backup deletion

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The ultimate defence against ransomware

Hackers have recently started targeting businesses' backup solutions to make it harder for them to recover from a ransomware attack. 

Our solution was designed with security in mind. It has mandatory 2FA access to the cloud-based admin portal, utilises a unique Cloud Solution (which has Cloud Deletion Defense™) and utilises backup snapshots that can't be corrupted.

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Our Cloud solution

By storing your data in our Cloud solution, you have a secure offsite solution that isn't impacted by on-site incidents such as a fire or flood.

To ensure the highest level of protection our Cloud solution is geographically distributed with multiple security layers.

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What does our solution offer that other Cloud solutions don't?

  OGL's Cloud solution Public/Other Clouds
Immutable design for security
Encryption during replication and at rest
Optional infinite backup retention
Mandatory two factor access (2FA)
Cloud Deletion Defense™
6 Second Instant Virtualization
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Flat fee DRaaS
Predictable cost model
Intuitive Recovery Launchpad
Cloud based administrative portal
Geographically dispersed locations
99.99999% availability
Multi-tenant design
Proven, exabyte class scalability



Recently, our data server got infected by the CryptoLocker virus which could have been disastrous if it wasn’t for OGL’s data recovery service. It really proved its worth and our data was recovered.

Cloud technology has had a significant impact on our direct productivity, the fact that we are guaranteed less than 0.1% system downtime has enabled the company to achieve ambitious growth targets.

Fine Agrochemicals

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