Colin Dennis Takes On a New Role

Colin’s role as Technical Operations Manager has spanned several areas of the business over the last few years. Between late 2018 and mid 2020 part of his role was to manage the CyberGuard Security Operations Centre (SOC). The intention was always to recruit an experienced SOC Manager which would mean Colin stepping back from this element of his role.

With Sean Tickle joining the team as SOC Manager during 2020, Colin has now moved into a new role of Head of Operations Development. This flexible and varied role covers several areas across the business. The 4 key pillars to the role are:

  • Overarching Data Centre responsibility
  • Sales / Technical bridge
  • Internal and external company projects
  • Overarching Internal IT responsibility

Colin commented: “I have always been fortunate to be in varied and flexible roles at OGL, and this is no exception. Tasks vary each day, and I can be involved in an application for a public sector framework, discussing new opportunities or solutions that push the boundaries of what we do, and on one occasion also manage a large disaster recovery for one of our customers. Since being in the role there have been several successes, for example, gaining membership to two important public sector frameworks and getting agreement to invest in additional support tools to improve our customer service and efficiency. I see myself in the Sales / Technical bridge role as either the glue or the grease, depending on whether we want something to happen, or stop something happening. I am there, in conjunction with the rest of the Senior Management Team and Directors to protect the business but also push the boundaries in a controlled way. I am very much looking forward to helping continually develop OGL over the coming years”.