About Contact Attachments

Since 1974 Contact Attachments has manufactured forklift / truck attachments and material handling equipment. Having over four decades of experience in the industry they are recognised as a quality leader within their field and can also offer a custom design service for bespoke solutions to suit customers’ requirements. Based in Newtown, Wales, they employ 24 members of staff and have 15 PCs.

Number of Employees: 24

Partnered with OGL since: 2017

Company Location: Newtown, Wales

Company Website: www.forklift-attachments.co.uk

The importance of a good next-generation anti-virus product

Having been an OGL customer for over 5 years, Contact Attachments were happy with their IT solutions. However, upon experiencing cyber security issues they felt the time was right to invest in upgrading their security. 

Contact Attachments’ Marketing Manager was happy to explain the need to invest in CyberGuard: “We had two security incidents that caused us a lot of hassle and downtime. As a business that has many high-profile customers we understood the need to upgrade our cyber security procedure. Previously, OGL supplied us with a traditional anti-virus solution, which before had helped protect our networks from viruses and worms. However, with cyber-attackers getting more sophisticated using smarter ways to infiltrate networks and devices they were able to evade our anti-virus software.” 

Contact Attachments’ Marketing Manager continued: “After discussing our problems with OGL, they recommended their Cyber Security division, CyberGuard. After initial talks they suggested their next-generation anti-virus product, Carbon Black Defense. 

“As Carbon Black Defense inspects files and identifies threats by analysing behavioural patterns, it can detect attacks a lot smarter than conventional anti-virus software, which was our main concern. 

“Since it’s been installed, it’s really given us peace of mind that we are safe, even if employees unwittingly open emails or attachments that may contain malicious software. It has allowed us to ultimately focus on what we do best, manufacture high quality forklift truck attachments, and not have to worry about our cyber security. The cost of a product like Carbon Black Defense is negligible when compared to the cost of the downtime we suffered during previous incidents without a next-generation anti-virus product.

“We have a wide range of staff with varying knowledge of IT and cyber security, so it was great that Carbon Black Defense was quick to install and user-friendly. Thanks to the notification alerts we can now easily identify what causes Carbon Black Defense to react. It alerts us to which user, and to when a potential attack could occur, allowing us to respond pro-actively and better guard ourselves against future incidents.

“A key benefit of working with CyberGuard, is that they are an extension of OGL. This offers one port-of-call regardless of what the issue is, whether it’s an IT support issue, a question about Office 365, information about remote monitoring or issues with our cyber security. They are always happy to help no matter what the problem is. Our relationship with CyberGuard and OGL has the added benefit that we have a single account manager who is aware of all aspects of our business. This allows future items that may need implementing to often be seen in good time, as OGL are abreast of our overall company needs and future plans.

“We see CyberGuard and OGL playing a huge role in our future plans for the business. We have moved more towards cloud computing over the last 5 years and we envisage this continuing throughout the business, so OGL’s support, advice and expertise, along with CyberGuard’s cyber security protection gives us confidence that whatever choices we make, they will be the right ones for our business.”

"With cyber-crime now common place in businesses, it was essential that we invested in a company that gives us peace of mind. CyberGuard suggested and installed Carbon Black Defense that helps protect our network, where other traditional anti-virus products failed."

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