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Helping businesses take a proactive approach to cyber-crime

Complex cyber-threats are constantly around us, and one thing’s for sure, sadly, cyber-crime is only going to increase. Could your business survive a cyber-attack? Is it worth the risk? A recent report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) and Barclay’s revealed that 56% of businesses wouldn’t survive a cyber-attack.

With this in mind, Conveyor Units was keen to take a proactive approach to their cyber security. Their Financial Director said: “Communication in business is key and we need to make sure that we can do this electronically without fear of an attack. CyberGuard provides us with an endpoint security product called Carbon Black and it offers us peace of mind that our cyber security is being monitored from ever-evolving threats against our systems by cyber security professionals.”

CyberGuard is an independent trading business within the OGL Group of Companies, of which Conveyor Units has been a customer since 2006. Their Financial Director said “Having been a customer of OGL’s for over 10 years, we have seen our business double in size. Before partnering with OGL we didn’t have a dedicated IT professional, so OGL filled that role, which we found is far more cost effective and we’re safe in the knowledge that with the strength in depth that OGL has, they’ll be able to resolve any IT-related matter. Currently, they provide us with a whole range of IT support from backup solutions to Office 365. We also have quarterly visits to maintain the efficiency of all our servers and through this we have built up a great relationship over the years. It was because of this trusted partnership that, when we wanted to invest in our cyber security, we were keen to see how CyberGuard could help.”

“Our biggest threat came from our own users and when we talked this through with CyberGuard, we felt reassured by their in-depth knowledge and resources and knew that they could help us. Since partnering with CyberGuard they have provided us with greater security awareness and encouraged us to inform and educate our members of staff to potential cyber-threats. Before, there was always a worry of opening certain attachments and potentially risk downtime if we ever did have a cyber-attack. Thanks to CyberGuard’s Carbon Black next-generation anti-virus product they can inspect potential threats based on our past user behaviour, something our previous anti-virus didn’t provide. This offers us huge peace of mind and lets us concentrate on running our business and manufacturing high quality conveyor equipment.

“Being proactive with our cyber security has certainly paid off and the one-stop-shop of combining our cyber security with our IT solutions is an approach that really works well for us, it’s cost effective and it makes life so much easier.

“Our business has doubled in size over the past 8 years and we envisage further growth. To enable this to happen we need to concentrate on what we do best. We can only do that if we are safe in the knowledge that out IT systems are protected from evolving security threats and believe that CyberGuard will remain our trusted partner throughout these times.”

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