Could your business survive a cyber-attack?

There’s been an unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks over the last few years, which means it’s no longer a matter of if, but when will your business (regardless of size) fall victim to a cyber-attack.   

A recent report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) and Barclay’s revealed that 56% of businesses wouldn’t be able to survive a cyber-attack, proving that these threats are very real, and the impact is incredibly severe, and can often destroy a business. Ultimately, the problem shouldn’t lay with whether your business can survive a cyber-attack, as once your business has been impacted, more and more problems only start to emerge, such as negligence in terms of GDPR compliance, lack of patching and loss of brand-trust. Is this all worth not having a cyber-security strategy in place that’s all-encompassing?  

Cyber-attackers are like bullies, just because they’ve attacked you once it doesn’t mean it’s over – cyber-criminals will know that you’re vulnerable, so what’s stopping them from targeting you again? They’ll keep hitting you until you do something about it. 

What is a cyber attack?

A cyber-attack is when a hacker attempts to infiltrate and destroy a computer system or network. These attacks are often launched on one or more computers, with the aim of either taking the victim’s system offline or gaining access to privileged areas that are storing sensitive data.  

Different types of cyber attack

  • Phishing 
  • Malware 
  • DoS & DDoS  
  • Man in the Middle  
  • Cryptojacking 
  • SQL Injection  
  • Zero-day exploits

How can you prepare for a cyber attack?

The reality is that you can’t protect your business from every single threat out there, but you can  

have a back-up and prepare yourself, should you fall victim. Unfortunately, 70% of the UK’s top business owners have received no training in how to respond to a cyber-attack, a Government report has highlighted. The report also reveals that out of Britain’s top 350 businesses, 10% operate with no cyber response strategy, once they have been attacked, even though half of those surveyed identified that cyber security is a top business risk. It’s becoming more apparent in today’s society that businesses need to start taking a more proactive approach to cyber security. 

Cyber attack advice from the Government

The UK’s Minister for Digital, Matt Hancock advised: “Recent cyber-attacks have shown the devastating effects of not getting our approach to cyber security right. Reports show we have a long way to go until all our organisations are adopting best practice and I urge all senior executives to work with the National Cyber Security Centre and take up the Government's advice and training." 

Similarly to the Government’s advice, the IoD’s Director General, Stephen Martin, stated: “Our report has revealed that business leaders are still putting cyber security on the back burner. The results, even for small and medium-sized businesses, could be catastrophic.” 

The IoD has advised that companies should take the following minimum precautions to become cyber-secure: 

  • Put formal cyber security awareness schemes in place for members of staff 
  • Train Directors more thoroughly  
  • Run more simulations to see how their company would deal with an actual cyber-attack 

Every business should educate themselves and their employees by signing up to the Government accredited scheme, Cyber Essentials.  

How can CyberGuard help?

CyberGuard Technologies has a strong team of security experts that understand how easy it is to exploit your IT infrastructure and are ready to advise on the best practices in becoming cyber-secure. 

They can offer three security testing options; vulnerability, penetration and wireless testing, which can highlight security weaknesses within your business’ IT infrastructure. 

Through their Detect and Respond services, CyberGuard, can offer numerous options to outsource your security, so experts can ensure you take a proactive approach to cyber-crime. 

They also offer security awareness training, highlighting the importance of cyber-crime and how they can prevent it by recreating actual simulations of an attack. 

If you are keen to follow the Government’s advice, CyberGuard can support you in obtaining Cyber Essentials certification, a Government-backed scheme that is widely accepted as good, basic protection for any business operating within the UK. 


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