Cloud SafeStore

Cost-effective storage of

infrequently-accessed data

  • Effectively manage the issue of storing unstructured company data
  • Reduce the cost of storing large volumes of data
  • Fixed costs enabling better budget management
  • Fast and easy access to your data onsite
  • Free up your primary data storage space
  • A replica of your data is stored in our data centre
  • Take advantage of our cloud: a state-of-the-art UK data centre with unbeatable security measures in place

Data house-keeping taken care of, safely and securely, by experts.

It’s likely that your organisation will have a large amount of data sitting on your servers that is no longer frequently accessed; it may not even have been looked at for years. Yet it’s clearly not an option to simply delete your company’s historical data, besides there may be occasional requirements to use it.

OGL's Cloud SafeStore is an inexpensive way to store large amounts of old, non-critical, unstructured data in a separate onsite storage device. It will free up your primary data storage space for your current, active data. We’ll also take a replica of your data and store it in our data centre for safe keeping so you have peace of mind it can be restored if you ever have a disaster.

The data can be accessed from the new location if need be, quickly and easily, if a reason to access old data arises.

To further simplify this convenient solution to data management, the monthly charge is fixed so more old data can be moved to the archive location without incurring extra cost.

The perfect solution when a full back-up and recovery solution isn’t required

The key reason that moving data to SafeStore is so cost-effective is because you are not paying for the guarantee that the data will be restored within a contractual timeframe in the event of a disaster, which is a key element of our  Cloud Recovery product.

Of course, if something happened to your data, we would reinstate your data from the copy we put in our data centre. But this wouldn’t be done as a business-critical exercise.

cSafeStore works in perfect partnership with our comprehensive data recovery product – cRecovery. Whatever your data profile, we have the correct (and most cost-effective) solution:


  • Store infrequently accessed data safely and securely
  • Easily accessible in the unlikely event you will need it
  • Restored in due course in the event of a disaster
  • Having no daily access would not affect operation of company

Cloud Recovery

  • Comprehensively back-up active, current data using the most technically advanced methods with exceptional levels of reliability
  • Data restored as a matter of utmost importance in the event of a disaster
  • Not having daily access would be a business-critical situation

SafeStore provides the perfect solution to managing all that unstructured, non-critical data that doesn’t warrant a full disaster recovery solution (such as Cloud Recovery) but to which you still need occasional access.

Utilising enterprise-grade NAS hardware SafeStore gives you access to your data on a locally installed unit on your own network which is then backed up daily to the same specification unit within OGL’s own UK data centre.  We offer a range of units with differing specifications to fit the specific needs of your business. 

With almost 40 years’ experience of delivering leading edge solutions and our vast knowledge of optimising cloud-based solutions to deliver tangible business benefits, you can be sure you are partnering with a reliable and trusted provider.

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