Customer Enquiry and Quote Management

Easily track and follow-up your invaluable customer enquiries and quotes

  • Total visibility of activity in sales pipeline
  • React to enquiries quickly and efficiently
  • Calculate enquiry to sales ratio
  • Store supporting information sent with an enquiry
  • Record enquiry source for marketing analysis 

Enquiry & Quote Management: Put a stop to missed sales opportunities

Responding quickly and efficiently to your customer enquiries is crucial to maximising sales opportunities and maintaining good quality customer service. prof.ITplus will give you the power to capitalise on queries effectively. 

From telephone calls to emails and web forms, you can store these sales and quote enquiries against any existing Customer Relationship Management records. This then allows you to set parameters, ensuring a follow-up occurs within agreed timeframes, helping you to close sales and follow-up on open enquiries. 

Manage customer enquiries with ease 

The quote and enquiry module helps you to keep on top of customer communications without the need for manually documenting information on paper or keeping post-it note reminders! prof.ITplus enables you to attach emails, images and other files to your customer records, this means employees can access any information they need with ease.  

You also have the ability to log all quotes in prof.ITplus and monitor those that don’t convert to sales. This then gives you the ability to tempt them with specially designed sales promotions. You just need to make sure you’re on top of your pricing and stock control

Knowledge is power with an Enquiry and Quote Management solution  

Viewing all your incoming enquiries in one central system gives you the ability to spot trends. If you know what your customers are frequently asking about, you can use this information to your advantage. For example, you could develop training sessions for your sales staff so they know exactly how to deal with common enquiries. You could build an FAQ section on your website to reduce the number of time-intensive phone enquiries your team has to deal with. Or if you have customers regularly asking for the same non-standard products, maybe you should consider extending your product portfolio.   

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Speak to one of our experts about getting an integrated Quote Management system for your business today. Our prof.ITplus Quote Management module gives you full control and visibility of your incoming enquiries in one unified platform, making life easier for you and your team. 

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