Baseline cyber security for all businesses

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed accreditation that was introduced back in 2014, and offers businesses baseline cyber security to provide basic protection from cyber-crime.

The Cyber Essentials scheme was introduced to make it easier for businesses to protect themselves and to encourage good cyber security practices. 

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    Self-assessment accreditation
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    Basic protection from cyber-crime
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    Full support from our cyber experts
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    IASME approved certification body
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    Evidence of your company’s commitment to working securely

How can a Cyber Essentials certification benefit your business?

The Cyber Essentials certification consists of 5 key controls which, when implemented, help to secure your organisation against cyber-attacks. These are:

  • Securing access to network services
  • Configuring your systems to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Ensure access to your data and services is assigned to authorised users only
  • Using and maintaining virus and malware protection
  • Keeping your applications up-to-date with necessary patches and security fixes

By deploying these controls, organisations can defend against the most common form of basic cyber-attacks originating from the internet, to help prevent illegitimate access to their systems.

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Win contracts & reassure customers

In a bid to understand how businesses are using their Cyber Essentials certification, we surveyed 251 IT managers in UK companies, ranging from small businesses (20-49 employees) to large companies (750 employees or greater).

What’s worrying is that a staggering number of UK businesses are unaware of the Cyber Essentials accreditation. Almost one in five IT managers reported that they were unaware of how Cyber Essentials compliance could help their business.

However, 84% of those accredited, claimed it has helped them win contracts, with others highlighting the importance of being able to reassure their customers they take cyber security seriously.

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Become accredited with minimum fuss

We understand that applying for a Cyber Essentials accreditation can be a time-consuming task. Therefore we've made the process as simple as possible to guide your business through the steps to accreditation with the minimum of fuss.

Once passed, you’ll be able to display the Cyber Essentials logo on your website and marketing literature to demonstrate to your customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders that your organisation is taking steps to protect against common cyber threats, and you take cyber security seriously.

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IASME Approved

CyberGuard and IASME have worked together since CyberGuard was launched.

We have a great relationship and understand how they work. This relationship can help our customers secure their certification as, from April 2020, IASME was chosen by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to become the sole provider of Cyber Essentials within the UK.

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CyberGuard has also helped us become Cyber Essentials compliant. As a responsible business we thought it was important to be accredited as this gives us evidence that we’re committed to working securely.

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