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CyberGuard's Cyber Security Awareness Training can be delivered on-site, remotely, or however suits you.

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    Make staff cyber-aware
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    Regular reinforcement of cyber security
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    Password checks
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    On-demand video training
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    Simulated attacks to raise awareness

A proactive approach

Keeping security in the forefront of employees’ minds and driving home the importance of due diligence is imperative in the fight against cyber-crime.

It’s a fact that your end-users are the weakest link in your network security. Even without realising it, they can quite easily jeopardise the security of your company, and it can become an easy way-in for a cyber-attacker. The strongest defences are rendered useless if an attacker can dupe an employee into handing over login details.

To make matters worse, cyber-criminals not only know this, but use it to their advantage. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest cyber security protection available, unfortunately, cyber security is only as strong as your weakest link, and that equates to your least cyber-savvy member of staff.

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weakest link
1 in 5 phishing

1 in 5 staff have been the victim of a phishing attack

A recent study by SACA, an international, independent IT governing body, found that more than three quarters (76%) of UK office workers didn’t know what ransomware was and 36% couldn’t define what a phishing attack is.

This is particularly concerning when ransomware and phishing attacks prey on unsuspecting office workers who click on malicious links.

From the study, 1 in 5 also confirmed they had been victim of a phishing attack.

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CyberGuard's awareness training can include...

Monthly Phishing Attacks

Monthly phishing attacks (company wide)

We’ll attempt to compromise your users’ accounts and identify employees who are not working with cyber security in mind and have weak passwords and network security. Month-on-month an improvement in employee cyber behaviour is expected.

Spear Attacks

Spear attacks (high risk departments)

Typically targeting departments that have access to business finances, we’ll attempt to scam specific groups of employees and steal data. Issues can be quickly pinpointed and addressed with Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Password Checks

Password checks

We’ll run our state-of-the-art password checker to pinpoint passwords that do not adhere to password protocols. We’ll inform employees that need to change their password and offer advice on how to set a secure but memorable password.  

On-demand video training

On-demand video training

Access to engaging video content on the issues around cyber security. Available on-demand to all staff, or purely to those with learning requirements.

Cyber Security Newsletter

Quarterly cyber security newsletter

Delivered every quarter to your business with links to useful reports, advice on tackling current cyber threats and ideas for working securely.


Their technical skills and knowledge of the products are as good as one could hope for, and we are very confident in their abilities going forward.

One of the main differences I have noticed when working with CyberGuard is their willingness to go that little bit further and make us feel part of their team.

Joseph Ash

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Is your business protected against the dangers of social engineering & phishing?

Download our guide to learn how to recognise cyber threats - including our top tips to spotting social engineering emails. The guide also highlights the current threats to look out for and how to implement protection.