Cyber security company secures UK’s first Threat Intelligence service agreement

We're excited to announce that CyberGuard Technologies has recently signed a unique agreement with Kaspersky Lab to provide their Global Threat Intelligence service.

With cyber-threats increasing on a daily basis, the UK Government recommends that companies of all sizes take a proactive approach when it comes to cyber-crime. 

Paul Colwell, CyberGuard Technical Director, commented: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement which is the first of its kind for a UK company. Kaspersky Lab Threat Intelligence service offers global intelligence from millions of sources using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide actionable threat data. The data feed also includes intelligence produced from Kaspersky’s Global Research & Analysis Team on some of the most advanced threat actors. 

“By working closely with Kaspersky, they provide us with threat data to enhance our own intelligence team, Unit 12, who gather information for our customers on cyber-attacks. This data is then analysed thoroughly to allow us to make fully informed strategic decisions regarding cyber-threats so we are able to detect future attacks. By working with Kaspersky threat intel, we can not only help protect small to mid-sized businesses in the UK but large enterprise companies that may be targeted by advanced threat actors.” 

Kaspersky Lab’s Key Account Manager, Craig Giles, was also thrilled with the unique partnership. He said: “The OGL Group of Companies, of which CyberGuard is part, is the only UK Kaspersky Platinum Partner, so offering our cyber threat intelligence service to CyberGuard was a great opportunity. This agreement between our two companies can have a real impact on CyberGuard’s customers. It will benefit business directors who will gain an insight into the threat landscape to help develop their own strategy. It will also provide a more proactive, rather than reactive, approach for IT staff when defending their IT infrastructure from cyber-attacks with alerts and insights.” 

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