A trusted, experienced MSSP to the NHS

Our team of cyber security experts work with the NHS to mitigate cyber threats through the deployment of 24/7/365 Detect & Respond services and the development of a robust cyber security strategy.

Your cyber security will be in the most experienced and trustworthy of hands.

Outsourced cyber security for the NHS

Monthly Phishing Attacks

Better resource & budget efficiency

  • Free up inhouse resources to focus on clinical priorities

  • Realise cost-efficiencies versus employing your own cyber experts

  • Maximise your publicy-funded budgets

Spear Attacks

Compliance & digitalisation

  • Satisfy DSPT, NHS Digital and data handling legalities
  • Tackle your digitalisation objectives with our expertise

Increased expertise & capacity

  • Gain access to our Public Sector Account Manager
  • Work with experienced experts in the field of healthcare technology
  • Consider us an extension of your own team

Your NHS cyber security experts

Monthly Phishing Attacks

Tom Godfrey

Public Sector Consultant

10 years with OGL

Paul Colwell

Paul Colwell

Chief Technical Officer

17 years with OGL

Sean Tickle

Sean Tickle

Head of CyberGuard

2 years with OGL

Scott Willmot

Scott Willmott

Head of Research & Development

14 years with OGL

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Tackling cyber threats to the NHS

Never more so than now has the value of the NHS really been felt; a lesson acutely learnt during the pandemic. It is vital that the NHS continues to operate at full capacity, so securing your network and protecting your data needs to be a strategic priority.  

Coupled with the critical requirement for stable NHS systems, is the heightened threat to NHS Trusts because of the value that cyber criminals place on gaining access to highly sensitive patient data.

Knowing that your IT systems are well protected needs to be a primary concern of any NHS organisation.

threat intelligence
cyberguard CREST pen testing team

Cyber security services

  • Managed Detect & Respond Services
  • 24/7/365 UK Security Operations Centre
  • Security Testing
  • Staff Training
  • Cyber Certification
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Road Map Planning
  • Consultancy
  • Cyber Security Strategy

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All NHS Trusts know there is a very real cyber threat but the skills shortage within the NHS means there is not the in-house expertise to tackle it, nor the time to monitor and manage the various security systems. I’ve basically chosen to give this part of the problem to CyberGuard, who have been unfailingly helpful in this process of getting us cyber secure. NHS organisations can be difficult to work with at times, but CyberGuard are true professionals and really understand what it takes to work with us. This project brings a huge amount of relief to the Trust; knowing we’re now more than adequately protecting ourselves.

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHC)

Head of IT, Gerard Kilgallon

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Solving common pain points & remedies

  • Lack of visibility
  • Lack of response
  • Lack of security specific resource
  • Demand of NHS Digital directives

If your NHS Trust struggles with these common cyber security pain points, we have the remedies. Lack of threat visibility is arguably the most common issue we encounter; our SIEM and Endpoint solution ingests log data from all manner of sources including threat intelligence from NHS Digital. Lack of response is a thing of the past with our Incident Response solution which guarantees a response within 15 minutes to critical events and 1 hour for resolution. Furthermore, our UK team is 24/7/365 ensuring cyber security expertise is on hand any day and at any time and you can dictate in what capacity you need that expertise: security liaison, managing NHS Digital directives, advice, incident response or even executive team / board of directors’ representation.

common nhs pain points
Crown Commercial Services Supplier

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

The OGL Group, including CyberGuard, is part of the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework meaning we're approved to supply our services into the public sector. We really are a perfect fit for NHS organisations needing cyber security.

Technology Services 3:

  • Lot 1 (Technology Strategy and Design Service)
  • Lot 2 (Transition and Transformation)
  • Lot 3a (End User Services), and Lot 3b (Operational Management)


CREST Accredited

Our Incident Response service is based on the CREST framework and includes IR plans, runbooks and supporting documentation which can be tailored to your NHS Trust’s policies and procedures.

All of our solutions are based on listening to our clients’ requirements and translating them into solutions that fully meet industry guidelines.

crest accredited


Road to cyber security for your NHS Trust

There’s a full range of cyber security services that we can offer your NHS Trust.

Knowing where to start can be the hardest decision for Trusts to make, in our experience. With CyberGuard on board, we can inform your decision making with advice based on years of experience.

Generally, cyber security journeys start with ensuring back-up and patching are taken care of, moving on to two-factor authentication, Active Directory hardening and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). Thereafter we’d recommend an Incident Response (IR) service, Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution and advanced email protection. Depending on your requirements, a third phase of work can include log analytics, threat intelligence subscriptions and threat hunting.

Ways to work with us

Monthly Phishing Attacks

Managed Security Services

Full 24/7/365 Detect and Respond cyber security with CyberGuard as your MSSP (Managed Security Services Partner).

Monthly Phishing Attacks


Use our expertise to help form and shape your cyber security strategy and journey to full cyber security.

Monthly Phishing Attacks

Complementary Cyber Services

Additional resource and expertise where you need it to bolster your existing resources and knowledge. Think of us as an extension to your team.

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Healthcare data is one of the most valuable commodities on the dark web, and healthcare organisations are among the most popular targets for ransomware gangs.

The issue of ransomware has been growing alarmingly for many years, and the current generation of ransomware steals the targeted information before applying encryption to the target’s data systems. Whether the ransom is paid or not, a successful attack gives hackers access to large amounts of highly valuable data. Attackers get a win-win scenario; they get either a lucrative ransom payday or a valuable resource to sell on the dark web – if not both.

Sean Tickle

Head of CyberGuard Technologies