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The best form of defence against cyber-crime is to identify the vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure and secure these before an attacker has chance to exploit them. By allowing us to test your security we can ultimately protect your assets and brand reputation by highlighting which areas you need to improve and defining them in a priority order.

Our team of UK cyber specialists hold the highest accreditations and have years of experience in discovering, investigating and rectifying client vulnerabilities.

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Our cyber security testing services

Who would you rather infiltrate your network, us or a cyber-attacker? CyberGuard's cyber security testing services are designed to identify any weaknesses in your organisation's infrastructure or processes before they are targeted by cyber criminals.

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Cyber security success stories

Part of the OGL Group, which has over 45 years' of industry experience.

CyberGuard has ethically hacked 100's of companies while carrying out security tests.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Cyber Security Testing?

Cyber Security Testing will utilise cyber-attack strategies to test how effective your business is against potential threats.

The highest level of Cyber Security Testing is a Pen Test, whereby one of our CREST accredited Pen Testers will actively try to hack into your business just like a real hacker would do to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Another example is a Vulnerability Test which will use a range of automated tools to scan your infrastructure for potential weaknesses.

By identifying potential weaknesses through testing, you can quickly resolve any vulnerabilities and proactively prevent potential cyber-attacks.

What are the different types of Cyber Security Testing?

CyberGuard offers both Pen Testing and Vulnerability Testing. Vulnerability Testing will scan your infrastructure for potential threats, whereas Pen Testing will scan your infrastructure as well as manually attempt to ethically hack your organisation.

Why is Cyber Security Testing important?

Cyber Security Testing will enable you to identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber criminals. Once identified, you can then fix these vulnerabilities and create a cyber strategy to proactively protect your business’s data, revenue and brand from attacks.

What’s the difference between a Vulnerability Test & a Pen Test?

A Vulnerability Test will scan your infrastructure for possible vulnerabilities using an automated tool. A Pen Test is a next-level service which will scan your infrastructure as well as deploy a Pen Tester to manually hack into any potential weaknesses within your organisation, just like a real hacker would.  

Is Cyber Security Testing safe?

Yes, CyberGuard’s Security Testing is completely safe and falls within government requirements.

Our Pen Testers operate with the mindset of a hacker but with none of the malicious intent. They are CREST accredited and follow strict codes of practice. The scope of the Pen Test is also agreed with you at the outset.

In terms of Vulnerability Testing, the scanning tools we use to conduct the test are industry-leading and implemented by our CREST and OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) trained cyber experts.


I clearly saw that CyberGuard was the missing part of the NHS Trust’s IT and cyber strategy. They could provide proper 24/7 network monitoring, threat detection, patch management, response mechanisms and regular network traffic inspections: all of which were taking a back seat to critical day-to-day work

NHS Birmingham Community Healthcare

Gerard Kilgallon, Head of IT

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Test your security; don’t get caught out!

By allowing us to test your IT infrastructure we can identify gaps in your security and make recommendations on what needs to be rectified in order to safeguard your business from cyber-crime. We have numerous ways of identifying these gaps, which you can find out about in our Cyber Security Testing guide.