• Expert support for your IT team

    Our UK team of experts offer a range of cyber security services.

    We have offices based in London and the Midlands.

    CyberGuard Technologies (an independent company within the OGL Group) can provide the very latest in cyber security services. Holding numerous accreditations and employing senior, experienced professionals who understand the market, CyberGuard is confident it can help your company take a proactive approach when it comes to cyber-crime.

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      CREST Accredited
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      OSCP Certified
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      ISO 27001 Certified
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      Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate
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      Crown Commercial Services Supplier
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    Cyber security services you can rely upon

    Are you proactive or reactive about cyber security? Companies can no longer afford to just react to a cyber-attack, as this can be too detrimental to their organisations. By using our enterprise cyber security services, it can free up your valuable resources and time, while giving you peace of mind that your cyber security is being taken care of.

    CyberGuard offers a range of proactive services including Pen Testing, Managed SIEM, SOC and Staff Awareness Training.

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    managed detect and respond cyber security
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    Trust is an important factor when choosing any supplier. From experience we know that if a problem is encountered then we can rely on CyberGuard. What more could we ask for!

    Star Fasteners

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    We work with clients across all sectors

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve strengthened our customers’ cyber security…

    Discover more success stories
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    We're your Cyber Security partner

    With cyber-attacks occurring at an exponential rate and new advanced threats being discovered daily, it can become overwhelming. Even by employing the most skilled IT Manager, they may not have time to investigate all the alerts, along with keeping pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape. Keep doing what you’re good at and let CyberGuard do what we do best…

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      Industry-leading security technology & intelligence
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      Access to cyber security experts & services
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      Proactive security testing & strategy
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      World-renowned partnerships & accreditations
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      Offices in London & the Midlands
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