How do you know you are at risk from Cyber threats?

Cyber-crime is increasing…

How do you know you are at risk from Cyber threats?
Posted on: 16 April 2018
By: Jamie Turvey, Marketing Executive

We see it every day in the news; another business has been the latest victim of an ever-growing crime. It’s no longer a surprise, cyber-crime is part and parcel of the 21st century.

However, it’s not just major businesses being targeted and attackers target all types of businesses. A survey produced by the Federation of Small Businesses states 66% of businesses have been victim to cyber-crime. In essence, cyber-attackers aren’t prejudice whether you are a small, medium or a large business. If your security isn't secure, they'll strike.

The stress of dealing with an ever-increasing threat of an attack is a modern burden to bear, but every time you neglect the threat, you are jeopardising your business.

Research carried out by The Daily Mail claims that only 24% of UK businesses are believed to have security measures in place. If you haven’t already been targeted, sadly, it’s only a matter of time.

It’s easy to fall victim…

We’ve all been there; hovered over an email attachment, not knowing whether to open it or not. Unfortunately, it’s that easy to fall victim to cyber-crime. How can you detect if that attachment contains a hidden malicious script or downloads an encryption key from outside your network, using a known vulnerability? Sadly, you can’t.

Even having traditional anti-virus security products can no longer guarantee stopping threats. Cyber criminals are getting smarter and now using methods to evade basic security products.

So, how can you detect and respond to cyber threats?

CyberGuard Technologies suite of Detect & Respond services proactively protect and defend businesses from cyber-attacks.

They offer four services to accommodate differing cyber security requirements to enable you to detect and respond to cyber threats:

  • Unified Security Manager
  • Threat Protection
  • Managed Firewall
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Their Unified Security Manager module reduces the stress and magnitude of managing your business’s cyber threats. All your cyber security responsibility is passed on to their experts.

Advanced Threat Protection is perfect for small, medium or large businesses and combines three security measures to help protect, detect and kill threats to your network. For example, CyberGuard uses Carbon Black Defense, which is a next-generation anti-virus product that not only looks for known viruses and malware, but also inspects files and identifies threats by analysing behaviour of the endpoint, preventing attacks that would evade traditional anti-virus security products.

A managed firewall is imperative in controlling cyber-attacks. CyberGuard’s security team are experts in their field and can detect early signs of attack. With constant monitoring and maintenance of your firewall, with log collection and analysis, to help identify any potential security breaches you can be confident that CyberGuard can detect and respond to cyber threats.

With the rise of cyber related crime it's imperative that businesses take a pro-active approach to preventing attacks. Multi-Factor Authentication adds an alternative layer of protection when users sign in, so they will be asked for their username, password and a third layer of random authentication. This may be via a number of external devices, such as a user key fob or their mobile phone.

Lets face it, we've had the same passwords for years, we know they're not secure and strong passwords are hard to remember. Easy accessible logins are a gold mine for cyber-attackers. Multi-Factor Authentication stops this!

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