• Your business’ lifeblood stored safely and securely

    Successful businesses are adapting. Data is now recognised as the lifeblood of any prosperous company. However, many companies find data storage all too much of a headache. Your data needs to be safe, yet you also need access to it from the office or from remote locations. You also need the ability to share your data with colleagues, customers and other business partners too. OGL offers two very distinctive data storage options to suit your business needs offering your organisation the opportunity to adapt to a more successful, secure, modern way of working.

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    Cloud or on-site storage?

    Find the perfect data storage and sharing solution that’s right for your business

  • "OGL has allowed our business to be much more efficient; in particular they have enabled us to access our data anywhere in the world.”

    Lanemark Combustion Engineering

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    IT Solutions Success Stories

    Don’t just take our word for it. Read real accounts of how we’ve significantly improved our many, happy customers.

  • A data storage solution to suit your needs

    We back up 274 million files every single night for our customers, so to say we know what we’re doing is an understatement. We have multiple storage solutions that can fit your business…

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    Why invest in Data Storage & Sharing?

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      Certified as a market-leader
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      Scalability to manage fluctuating data volumes
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      Data archiving available
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      Increased security and protection
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      Multiple storage options: Cloud, on-site or both
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    Data storage options explained

    What is Data Storage? Data; what is it, why do we need it, why do we have so much of it, what’s the best way to store it? That’s a lot of questions, let me help to steer you towards...

    Why use an IT Managed Service Provider?

    What makes a good Managed Service Provider (MSP)? In theory it’s quite simple; a provider that is willing to listen, understand your business needs and can deliver a bespoke managed service tha...