Cloud or on-site solutions to give you peace of mind

  • Accommodate increasing data needs with easy upscaling
  • Top up capacity as your business demands it
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased security, accessibility and protection
  • Data archiving
  • Increased performance for your staff
  • Reduced risk
  • Delivered by IT experts 

Storing data in a secure, yet accessible, way is a headache for many businesses we speak to

Your data needs to be safe, yet you also need access to it, from the office and maybe from remote locations too. And you also need the ability to share it with colleagues.

Outsourcing your data storage to OGL Computer means you will know your data is kept safe and secure and you will benefit from the utmost of security measures and backup options.

Information requiring storage includes emails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, images, audio / video files and spreadsheets. Together with the applications that run your business, these are the lifeblood of most businesses. They require a lot of storage space and every day your business will be generating even more data that needs storing.

Cloud or on-site storage?

Find the data perfect storage solution for your business

Whether your business requires an all-encompassing data backup solution, instant access to files away from the office or, more simply, a way to safely store and share documents with colleagues and customers, we have a solution to meet your needs.

We’ll discuss your business, and the type of data you’re dealing with, and recommend a solution to fit. Options include onsite storage at your premises or perhaps you’d like to consider storing some, or all, of your data at our data centre, utilising cloud technology. Or, after discussing your business needs, it may be that a mix of traditional onsite services alongside leading edge cloud technologies would be the best fit for you.

Managing the data explosion

274 million files backed up every single night

Over the last 20 years there has been an explosion in the volume of data that is being created and how it is stored and backed up remains the single biggest issue for those responsible for workplace IT. 

At OGL we have developed an enviable portfolio of data storage and sharing solutions to meet the needs of any business; whether you need a simple archive to refer back to or require real-time replication of your data.

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to outsource their data storage. Even a relatively small company could have a 500GB (half a terabyte) of data to store and back up, not cheap to do on your own hardware. Turning to an IT provider means you get the very best of storage options available to you, without making the hardware investment yourself.

Currently, we back up around 274 million files every single night for our customers, which equates to around 1 million gigabytes of data stored. So, to say we know what we’re doing is an understatement! 

Contact us and find the perfect storage solution for your business

Our Data Storage & Sharing services

Cloud Storage and Sharing

Whether your business requires an all-encompassing data back-up solution, instant access to files away from the office or, more simply, a way to share documents with colleagues and customers, we have a cloud solution to meet your needs.

Onsite Data Storage

Not ready to store your data in the cloud? Our experienced consultants will discuss what data you need to store, what access you will need to that data as well as recommend the most appropriate hardware devices, network configuration as well as your options for managing data onsite or in the cloud.


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