Data storage

Why do we need to store data?

The importance of data storage may sound obvious to some however, there are still businesses that dismiss how crucial it is to their company. Data is exponential, it’s everything and everywhere. Essentially, it’s the lifeblood of your business. If you haven’t got access to emails, documents, presentations, customer and prospect databases, images, audio and video files and spreadsheets how can you continue to operate as a business? A company is only as good as the data / information it has available.

If you want your business to succeed, you need your data stored safely, securely yet remain accessible.

How should I be storing my data?

This really is a Pandora’s box of a question! Where do you start? Cloud storage, NAS boxes, solid state drives, optical drives, USB thumb drives / flash drives or external hard drives; do you need something different for your structured and unstructured data? Also do you know what data is critical to your business and what is non-critical? Are you confused yet?

With so many options it may feel like a minefield when considering how best to store and secure your data. IT statistics company, Statista, forecast over 2 billion cloud storage users worldwide by 2020 and when we speak to businesses every day we can see evidence to believe this statistic, however, cloud storage may not be right for you. You may prefer to store your data more locally, or consider a more cost-effective solution, rather than simply assuming that a cloud data storage solution is best.

It’s about balance and what suits your business needs so it’s important you have an IT partner you can trust to give you the right solution to your data storage needs.

What should I do?

Talk, shout and scream! In return, OGL Computer will listen.

The simple answer to identifying which storage options are right for your business is by telling us as much information about your business as possible. Letting us know how you currently store your data, how much are you willing to invest, how many system users are operational and your future plans for the business, are all crucial questions that need to be addressed.

Not every business is going to answer every question the same and ultimately OGL won’t offer the same storage options to everyone. Being one of the largest IT companies in the Midlands, we’ve built up many partnerships with some of the world’s leading storage technology brands that enables us to deliver the best solution for your business. We’ve seen many technological developments during our 40-year history and we’re at the forefront of offering our customers advanced options for data storage and have recently invested millions into our state-of-the-art data centre based in Birmingham.

We have a range of data storage options available, from on-premise to cloud storage that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

So, if you want to discuss what options are right for your business, our experts are happy to listen and offer their expert advice on the most relevant secure and accessible data storage options.

For more information visit: or read our previous data storage blog which will inform you on what types of data storage options there are: Alternatively, you can call us on 01299 873 873 and a data storage expert will be happy to help.

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