Detect & Respond

Pass responsibility for your cyber security to experts

  • Unified Security Manager
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Managed Firewall
  • Best-in-class business protection
  • Access to cyber security experts

Our suite of Detect & Respond services are the tools and methods we deploy to proactively protect and defend businesses from cyberattacks.

We offer four services to accommodate differing cybersecurity requirements:

  1. Unified Security Manager
  2. Threat Protection
  3. Managed Firewall
  4. Multi-Factor Authentication 

More and more cyber-attacks are happening in the UK, with no preference on the size of the business. More often than not, businesses typically do not have time or dedicated resources for managing cyber security and are unable to keep abreast of the rapidly changing threat landscape.

Outsourcing your security to our team of cyber security experts, who will proactively monitor your infrastructure, will release you to concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge you are protected.

Our Detect & Respond products:

Unified Security Manager

Perfect for: Businesses that need a fully-managed, belt and braces approach to cyber security.

Our premier level Unified Security Manager service provides a complete package of six cyber security measures. Our team will take full responsibility for the management of your cyber defence.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify known and newly emerging software security vulnerabilities within your environment. Run on a regular basis to keep abreast of the ever-changing security landscape.

Intrusion Detection

Real time inspection of network traffic and host activity looking for traffic patterns commonly associated with an attempt to compromise the IT infrastructure.

Behavioural Monitoring

Builds a base line of ‘normal’ activity within your network allowing easier identification of anomalies should they occur.

Asset Discovery

Automatically discover devices on your network so they can be monitored and assessed as part of your overall security stance.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Analyses the thousands of events being collected from devices on your network. Updated every 15 minutes with data on emerging threats collected from networks worldwide.

Alarm Management and Analysis

In the event suspicious activity is detected an alarm will be automatically sent to our Security Operations Centre where our cyber security experts will analyse the alarm to determine the risk to your business and the action needed to mitigate the risk.

Advanced Threat Protection

Perfect for: Businesses needing advanced protection.

Our advanced-level service combines three security measures to help protect, detect and kill threats to your network.

Managed Firewall

Monitoring and maintenance of your firewall with log collection and analysis to help identify any potential security breaches.

End Point Protection

Deep-level inspection of files to identify threats based on user behaviour. This allows detection of system compromises which are often designed to evade traditional anti-virus solutions.

Advanced Threat Analytics

Real-time monitoring of servers and applications for suspicious user or domain behaviour which typically occurs when an attacker is attempting to move between machines within your network.

Managed Firewall

Perfect for: Businesses that need a solid first line of defence.

Monitoring and maintenance of your firewall with log collection and analysis to help identify any potential security breaches. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Perfect for: Businesses that want an extra layer of protection.

Multi-Factor Authentication adds an alternative layer of protection when users sign in, so they will be asked for their username, password and a third layer of random authentication. This may be via a number of external devices, such as a user key fob or their mobile phone.

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