Detonation Report: Blackmail Phishing Scams

Friday 16 February

Coffee in hand I set off trawling through the hundreds of spam and phishing emails we get sent on a weekly basis. We have everything from blocked Dropbox logins to failed Amazon deliveries; thousands upon thousands of them. 

I do wonder how some of these still work, surely, we have got to the point where the majority of us can spot low level phishing emails like this… maybe not.

Anyway, I’m looking for something different, something that grabs my attention, bang!  At first it made me laugh and I don’t for one minute think the user would fall for it, but the concept is something that we are seeing more and more of - blackmail phishing scams. 

Blackmail phishing scams are becoming an increasingly common thing in the wake of a major data breach and we’ll see if anyone is actually paying the ransom as well...

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