Detonation Report: Phishing Email to Obtain Apple ID

Friday 19 January

This month, a quick scan through my emails and I find one about managing my Apple ID before Apple close my account.

On displaying the email the copy looked good, really authentic looking and, at quick glance, I can’t see many spelling mistakes.

The domain for the site was (do not click this site) and had the green padlock displaying as secure. It's important to realise that the green padlock icon indicates that the communication between your browser and the website in question is encrypted; it does little to ensure that you really are communicating with the site you believe you are visiting.

This phishing email’s primary function was to steal your Apple ID and password which, in most cases, would give the criminal access to banking details. As we already know most users use the same password for multiple accounts so there is a good chance that this would have led to other compromises.

So let’s get on with the detonation...

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